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    Wed Oct 23 17:06:14 2019
    edward766 posted in So many rocks...update.

    Looks like my home irl, aka a Prison. I'm severely concerned for your health and well being seeing that sword in slot 8.

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    Mon Oct 21 19:07:45 2019
    edward766 posted in Vanishing.

    @outshOtz i love you sir and goodbye sir and plz don’t forget about me sir

    Who dis?

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    Sun Oct 20 04:55:17 2019
    edward766 started the conversation Vanishing.

    Attention all players of CraftyMynes,
    I, Edward766, the lEGEND, am announcing that I am quitting the server.
    Thank you all, Goodbye.
    Now for awards
    Friendliest Players Award: ME, Mibsiken, GimmeDaJuul, Mittins0w0, ......
    Best PvPer: Me
    Most Popular Player: Me
    Richest Player: Me
    Philanthropist of the Century: Me
    Narcissist of the Century: Me

    Winter is the best season. Christmas is the best Holiday. Mangoes are the Greatest of the fruit. Buying apples is a waste of good Mango Money. Beef Jerky is good. Altoids are not so good. Steak is great. The Cucumber is the best vegetable. Sitting outside at 3AM staring at stars in dead of winter is great. Frost Walker > Depth Strider. Owning Diamonds is for Uncivilized kids. The Piano Guys make the best music. Halloween is stupid and brings hordes of annoying kids to knock your door down. Sickness is lame. Medicine used to combat sickness can make you hallucinate. Friends are great, make friends that you can use to benefit yourself (hah jk). Be cool, please don't cry to much for me. Merry Christmas and to all a Good and Peaceful Night.

    Special Thank you to: Landucuus, Mittins0w0, ImperfectPenguin, Not you Ronjob, TomTom900, ElijahEvo, Dejean, VIP653, GimmeDaJuul, ThePhoenix, Faze_McNuggets, wyoming_tribute, mibsiken, DoctorKW, NerdyCyll, HoomanResources, bgmg, outshOtz, and all else.

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  6. Sat Oct 12 04:01:36 2019
    edward766 posted in Team Eye 1.14 Application Thread.

    You guys think you're so great but did you know that Team Breadward has a licensed driver, YES, you read that right, we have Mr. (Drumroll please....) mittins0w0!!! Mittins is the proud holder of a Driver's License, get rekt noobs.

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  8. Fri Oct 11 01:39:01 2019
    edward766 posted in Bribe.

    MrFishMask, this is going to Flop dramatically, you're going to be given garbage coords if you get something at all. 15DB is also a rather lowball offer for ALL the locations, anyone agreeing to this is just trolling.

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