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    Sun Sep 15 12:54:21 2019
    Bryce9252006 posted in Allowed Mods.

    the situation was -I had a texture pack and had it in the resource pack menu so I had to remove it.

  2. Sun Sep 15 08:14:39 2019
    Bryce9252006 posted in Im Sorry :(.

    There was another spambot attack 2 days ago

  3. Sun Sep 15 08:12:45 2019
    Bryce9252006 posted in <> T h e E m p i r e <>.

    I wanna join too

  4. Sun Sep 15 08:10:40 2019
    Bryce9252006 posted in Allowed Mods.

    An admin banned me for asking is Nightvision bannable

  5. Sun Sep 15 08:06:38 2019
    Bryce9252006 posted in Word Association.

    do u guys know this thread is 2 years old wow!!!!

  6. Sun Sep 15 04:06:46 2019
    Bryce9252006 started the conversation Bryce9252006's Ban Appeal.

    IGN: Bryce9252006
    Ban reason: Accepting the Use of Bannable mods(Nightvision)
    Why I should be unbanned: I was asking if the Nightvision Mod is bannable and stuff and the admin online banned me with the above reason displayed on my screen