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  1. 2 years ago
    Fri Jan 29 16:58:29 2021


    Your main account seems to have been banned back in 1.8 for fly hacks. When you then admitted to using a hacked client in chat on 1/29/2021, it should come as no surprise that you will not be unbanned as hacking is still not allowed this many years later. It would appear that you did not get the memo when you got the message on your main account when it said that you were banned for using fly hacks as you proceeded to come onto the server with hacks on another account. Alt accounts are allowed, but any form of cheating is not.

    Appeal denied.

  2. Sat Jan 16 04:38:29 2021
    Bambbin posted in New Word Association.

    reduced to atoms

  3. Mon Jan 11 22:40:18 2021
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  4. Mon Jan 11 01:10:34 2021
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  5. Mon Jan 11 01:06:12 2021
    Bambbin posted in Rat.

    I love this rat

  6. Thu Dec 31 22:11:57 2020
    Bambbin posted in Mechazoider's Ban Appeal.

    Hello! It would seem that your account has been banned for x-ray/chest esp. Unfortunately, we do not pardon accounts that were banned for cheating regardless of how long it has been since being banned. Best of luck elsewhere!

  7. Tue Nov 17 06:29:19 2020
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  8. Wed Nov 4 17:35:22 2020
    Bambbin posted in ban appeal builder424.

    please keep ban appeals in the Ban Appeals section of the forums

  9. Thu Oct 29 23:29:28 2020
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  10. Thu Oct 29 23:28:16 2020
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    Hello all! Sometimes in life there are things that you come across that are just beautiful. Whether this is a sunset or aquatic life, here is a place where you can appreciate pictures of pretty things so that everyone can enjoy!

    If there is an image online that you want to share, copy the link, paste it into the reply box, select the preview box, and send the reply!

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