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    Mon Feb 22 06:43:28 2021

    Ah, that makes sense. I didn't even know waypoints were a type of mod. Optifine is still a pretty good fpsboost. Thanks!

  2. Mon Feb 22 02:30:40 2021
    Combokirk started the conversation Adding Lunar Client to Approved Mods.

    Hey Folks,

    I was wondering if the staff team would consider adding to the list of approved mods.

    They just released their 1.16 engine and I've been using on some other servers, testing out the features, mods, and boosted FPS. I use it on other servers mainly for the boosted FPS, as well as a few non-advantageous mods like a potion timer, armour status etc.

    I checked and it doesn't have a minimap or anything else I would consider to be an advantage to players using it.

    If you're interested I can send a list of the available mods (mostly HUD features) so double check there's nothing that would be considered cheats.

    Lemme know what you think!

    - Kirk

  3. Sun Feb 21 01:50:55 2021
    Combokirk started the conversation Combokirk Ban Appeal.

    IGN: Combokirk

    Reason for Ban: Breaking rules after staff warnings

    Why I should be unbanned:

    CM is a place I've learned to call my second home, a community that brings joy, excitement, and help get's me through the day sometimes. To be honest, I don't play for Minecraft, I play for the people, who I've gotten to know very well and created strong friendships. I've been quite lonely this year as many of us during Covid, and being an extrovert it's been difficult. CM changed that. Last week it was my 18th birthday and I received so much love from the entire CM community and decided I wanted to give back.

    Being a Christian myself, I have a lot of my items named after biblical verses to uplift me and give me encouraging reminders throughout the day and when I decided to give away my gear to the community who's given so much to me, I didn't think that would be a problem. A mod very respectfully asked me to stop putting the stuff at spawn chests which I did and instead thought it would be nice to personally give my loot packages to others to share the love I've received. Being so grateful to this community, my only intentions were to give back the love I was given as Christ has taught me. I hope you can see I only had good intentions, and am surprised by this outcome.

    Now that I've given everything away, this won't be a re-occurring problem in the future. I've never been banned or even thought it would happen but now that I have a better awareness of the rules, I will find a better way to share encouragement, hope, and love with my fellow players.

    Thanks again staff for your time, and for helping lead one of the best communities I've been a part of.

    I really appreciate all of you, thanks for everything :)


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    Wed Jan 13 02:13:08 2021
    Combokirk posted in Buying gunpowder.

    Can I watch when you set it off? lol (I will try to donate some to the cause as well)

  5. Mon Jan 11 07:03:59 2021
    Combokirk posted in New Word Association.

    Jesus Christ

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    Wed Jan 6 01:59:01 2021
    Combokirk started the conversation Rank is missing (I bought it over 3 years ago).


    I recently started playing on the server for my 3rd reset. I played for a year back when the server started in early 2015, and again in 2019. In 2016 or so I bought VIP (a little after ranks were released) and then changed my name and it was gone.

    I've already tried .fixrank and was wondering if an admin could check the receipts or purchase Logs. I bought it under the name "Kaptin_Kirk_" I think. Would love to get it back :)

    Thanks everyone, it's so nice to finally return after over a year. This is the only server that's felt like home!

    - Kirk

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