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    @Nicnicnico if a player didnt interact with me before? sure. if a player did interact with me or my team and we had a good time? probably not.

    edit: also, of course, depends on whether i have the endgame gear or not, if i do, probably will not do it for a set

    This also goes for me, early game for sure tho but atm into 1.16 probably not.

    I like to think my play style is neutral, like I actively go out and search for bases with elytra, but at the same time if someone was to formally invite me into a town of theirs I wouldn’t raid or grief it if I had interacted or got to know them long enough.

    I’m not some dumbass who doesn’t know what trusting someone is, sometimes it’s good to make friends.

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    @SharpSerac fake

    I missed you king

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    What if it all was just a dream...?
    Craftymynes sentimental shitpost

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