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    Wed Mar 27 06:05:01 2024

    trust, look at other similar servers and copy what works, takes like 20 minutes, all you gotta do is make it look good and it will grow from there

  2. Mon Mar 25 01:25:52 2024

    When the trail chamber update comes definitely wipe. Use that wipe as a big way to get new players hooked with some of these changes

    Update the discord, if you want new players to stay discord is pretty much the best way going forward for making them feel welcomed and in a community cause rn that shit is uninviting fr
    Add channels in there that players can promote themselves for making team, the more teams the better for building communities, plus there's more big bases to raid
    Make channels there too that have bots that post the forum links and a preview image of the post so people can click if they're interested
    Hire some fiverr minions too to help out with updating the forums and adding those bots trust

    Bring the book back, that shit was so much easier to know the commands, also gives player a immediate way of knowing that theres tp and set thome. Don't do the book tp system tho that shit was tragic keep the one on now

    Someone said something about the voting rank and that's a good idea, do it so that its not a one time you get it kind of thing and instead make it so you have to consistently vote and if you miss more than like 3 days in a row you loose the rank and the extra set home displays as "locked" until you get the rank back. This would be like a way to farm votes from the players who arent willing to buy vip but are invested enough to want to keep their rank, plus a 30 day bonus item would be good too.

    Do something like the VIP+ lootcrates but a less good version as a reward for voting a week in a row too and promote it all with a big sign that says "Crates" in spawn and a area under it so players can see what they can get making them want to vote for it, trust

    Show off the command blocks visually in spawn (or make a fake display) to show how the server works would be good too.

    Unban old players from minimum like 2-3 years and back, trust. My main account been banned since I was a middle schooler and I'm sure hella people back then would wanna play again if they saw something like "Unbanned old players" in the forums or on the main server list in Minecraft next to "Just wiped".

    Out of all these ideas though, 100% consider the updated discord, it's the biggest thing imo for keeping new players

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    Greeknule posted in Old Dog misses old Friends.

    lowkey waiting on the next wipe

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    @SharpSerac fake

    I missed you king

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    What if it all was just a dream...?
    Craftymynes sentimental shitpost

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