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  1. 4 hours ago
    Wed May 27 17:51:36 2020
    Louis_Vuitton8 posted in Boonk Gang Application.

    Indeed boonk reigns supreme above all else

  2. 16 hours ago
    Wed May 27 05:55:08 2020
    Louis_Vuitton8 posted in Boonk Gang Jr. Application.

    @boygenius149 a SUPERVISOR ;)

    Indeed I’m your overlord kiddies

  3. yesterday
    Tue May 26 21:24:52 2020
    Louis_Vuitton8 posted in Boonk Gang Jr. Application.

    @boygenius149 Aren’t you old enough to join the normal boonk gang...?

    I wasn’t aware this was for little kids my bad. Still I’ll join anyways I’ll be a boonk jr adult

  4. Tue May 26 04:08:35 2020
    Louis_Vuitton8 posted in my pawn shop.

    Highly Recommend this service. I just used it today and it pays well. LOVE It!

  5. Tue May 26 04:07:11 2020
    Louis_Vuitton8 posted in Boonk Gang Jr. Application.

    IGN: LouisVuitton8

    Age: 33

    Timezone/Country: Pacific Standard Time (Southern California)

    Skills/Strengths: Hello You all know me, some of my strengths are building, I'm excellent at Redstone addition to that I'm also pretty good at farming and villager breeding.I'm also decent at PVP. This is a serious application and I truly hope you give it serious thought and consideration. I would love to actually play Minecraft with other people instead of playing by myself.

    Weaknesses: Telling Off People

    Extra info: This is a REAL Application, I hope you accept me.

  6. 6 days ago
    Thu May 21 17:48:43 2020

    @CraftyMyner Sadly with my limited time I have not been able to finish all the features I wanted for it yet. Some of the ideas were, real-time messaging from the forum to the server (you would be able to chat to players in-game from the forum using your verified account) Badges and awards that would be issued on the forum based on actions or stats in game. Leader boards on the forum to see whos the best pvp'er or whos mined the most. I have a lot more ideas, just need to find the time to implement them.

    Those sound like cool ideas

  7. Thu May 21 17:47:41 2020
    Louis_Vuitton8 posted in New Word Association.


  8. Wed May 20 23:17:47 2020
    Louis_Vuitton8 posted in My Museum for the 1.15.2 Map (so far).

    I have some artifacts for you

  9. Wed May 20 23:16:29 2020

    Good question

  10. last week
    Mon May 18 19:02:23 2020
    Louis_Vuitton8 posted in The Rising of The Eye.

    Boonk gang rules crafty mynes

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