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    Mixen_03's Staff Application

    In Game Name: Mixen_03

    Age: 16

    Time Zone: CET

    Tell us a bit about yourself: I've played on this server since summer last year. I am a very enthusiastic individual and also, proactive, caring and helpful. I love to see other happy so that is what I do, I help others within the server especially new player to ensure they enjoy the server. I am also very good at diffusing situations in chat. I am very patient when it comes to solving situations involving people.

    Something I’d like to change is my ability to introduce myself in conversations and make myself a part of conversations in game chat. I a lot of the time don't involve myself which can make me come off as very quiet. But I’m becoming more comfortable and everyone on the server always shows me that there is nothing you can say that is stupid. I would try and become more active in the chat and doing so by making more friends with the people on the server.

    Like about the server: I like that the whole server feels like a community and everyone is involved (like a little family), I like that all the staff cares about all the players and this makes it one of the best servers i've played on.

    Strengths: My strength would be that I see problems from two sides, I don’t just take one person's word and then go by that. I like to think about more perspectives than one to solve the situation. I’m good at introducing people to the server so they won’t have a rough start.

    Weaknesses: I don't really know if its a weakness but I easily forgive and oversee problems at times because I try to always see the best in everyone and in some situations that might lead to problems. I also have school most days which limits my time on the server a little bit.

    Why you are applying: I am confident that I will make a great staff member and an addition to the staff team. I also feel that I will bring a positive energy to the environment and to all players. It would be nice to be able to do stuff for the server than just building and talking in chat. Helping out is something I've been doing anyways and it just seemed right to apply for staff after thinking about it for a while!

    I do currently have 20 253 939 Ticks!

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