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    Tue Nov 24 05:57:00 2020
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  2. Tue Nov 24 02:42:39 2020
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    Jason Momoa

  3. 6 weeks ago
    Tue Oct 13 10:13:02 2020
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    Alphonse Elric

  4. 2 months ago
    Wed Sep 16 05:49:32 2020
    Lonely_Flame posted in CrayonTouchKids' Ban Appeal.

    Suh, I am the mod who banned you.

    Right before you got banned I had given you a generous amount of warnings to stop violating chat rules and review our server rules, we take threats against the server very seriously here, and joking about it won't be tolerated in any capacity. Seeing as you have put little effort into this appeal and the severity of what you said you will be pardoned 5 days on the condition that you change your name to something that is more appropriate for the server, please take that time to review our rules.


  5. 3 months ago
    Thu Aug 20 02:43:04 2020
    Lonely_Flame posted in Staff.

    apply here on the forums, there is a format on the staff applications sections, that is also where you would post your app.

  6. Thu Aug 6 20:40:08 2020

    Well, I don't know if I am misunderstanding this but as of right now you can teleport to spawn and lava buckets won't get taken from you.

  7. Sat Aug 1 22:37:02 2020
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  8. 7 months ago
    Thu Apr 23 03:15:28 2020
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    Oops, didn’t mean to delete it, I am entering

  9. Tue Apr 7 05:51:01 2020
    Lonely_Flame posted in Lonely_Flame's Staff Application.

    In-Game Name: Lonely_Flame

    Age: 18

    Time Zone: UTC-8

    I have an attitude that lets me deal with situations in a mature way, I have experience in working and in volunteerism that makes me used to operating at a certain level of professionalism. I am a pretty calm and patient person and I don't really escalate situations or lose my temper during confrontations. I also have a helpful personality and I enjoy helping out others and promoting a friendly environment.

    I don't really like to hold grudges but I sometimes develop prejudices against individuals and I can admit that I may treat them in a way that may be undeserving and biased based on the prejudices.

    Why I am applying:
    While playing on CraftyMynes I have really come to appreciate the community and the staff that help to make it what it is. I have been playing here for a good amount of time and I want to step up my level of involvement on the server and contribute in any way I can and make everyone's experiences on CraftyMynes as enjoyable as I can.

    Time played on CraftyMynes: 13,891,684 ticks

    Custom Note:
    Ever since I discovered CraftyMynes I have used a ton of my free time to play here, despite the lag I have enjoyed playing here so much and I am appreciative of everyone that makes it so fun!

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    Wed Mar 25 08:23:28 2020
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