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    Mon Apr 6 18:51:26 2020
    BlueKite99 started the conversation My account was detected as compromised. .

    Hey so, first of all, I want to thank you SO much for unbanning me and I will never do it again. However, my IP is banned as it was detected as compromised however it is not if you could please unban it I would be very thankful.

    Looking forward to joining - BlueKite99

  2. Mon Apr 6 10:08:17 2020
    BlueKite99 started the conversation BlueKite99's Ban Appeal.

    In-Game Name: BlueKite99

    Reason for your ban: Advertising

    Why should you be unbanned: Well when I was advertising I was very stupid, I can't find a better server and I have nothing to do. I hope I get unbanned but I can't do anything if I don't. Me and SpaceBoy44 both advertised for I don't even know why but got banned (we deserved it), we used to play a lot. Even if I don't get unbanned I'm just sorry for doing it.

    This isn't a very good reason for a unban but I hope you will unban me for this :D

    I've been banned for months now I just never appealed as I thought there was no chance.

    It was wrong and dumb what I did and I regret it alot

    Thanks, BlueKite99

  3. Mon Apr 6 10:03:04 2020
    BlueKite99 joined the forum.