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    Wed Jul 7 01:10:17 2021
    Scootle_ posted in xTjom's ban appeal.


    I'm the mod that banned you :) Although most chat offenses are warranted one day bans, the nature of what you said in chat increased the ban length to three days. I hope that you stay true to your word and I strongly suggest reviewing our rules in this time to prevent something like this happening again.


  2. Wed Jun 23 01:22:15 2021


    I'm the mod that banned you last month. Upon reviewing the chat logs, you will be unbanned in one (1) day as a result of minor chat violations. Please review our rules in the meantime :)


  3. Mon Jan 11 01:09:49 2021
    Scootle_ posted in Rat.

    I love rat. Rat is good.

  4. Tue Dec 1 23:36:04 2020

    Thanks for changing your skin! Welcome back to the server. :)

  5. Mon Nov 30 15:43:11 2020
    Scootle_ posted in Dannywelbeck ban appeal.

    Hi! I'm the mod that banned you.

    We do not allow any sort of political or controversial skins. The flag that you displayed on your skin is the Italian flag during the WW2 era... And before that you had a skin that you say was a Spanish military person, I would say it's just a coincidence but you have a historical theme your skins that is not appropriate on CM. So, you'll be pardoned once you change your skin to something appropriate.

  6. Mon Nov 30 15:22:23 2020
    Scootle_ posted in Cats or Dogs.

    Hooms you can't just saw that and not show them off! Also, you have the loveliest dog <3

  7. Sat Oct 31 02:33:36 2020
    Scootle_ posted in Maze 2020 .

    Zgraft was second! Followed by Pook and RyanAndrew!

  8. Thu Sep 24 14:09:25 2020
    Scootle_ posted in New Word Association.


  9. 2 years ago
    Wed Jun 10 15:06:14 2020
    Scootle_ posted in New Word Association.


  10. Fri Jun 5 00:27:52 2020
    Scootle_ posted in New Word Association.

    London dispersion forces

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