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  1. 9 months ago
    Sun Sep 9 00:45:15 2018

    You know Valgys did a trade for rank like only a month ago or so?

  2. Sat Aug 25 18:24:27 2018
    Tezzer posted in Have you seen my trident?.

    Yeah its weird because the chunk was loaded It was only about 20 blocks from where I was, but oh well.

  3. Thu Aug 23 22:35:07 2018
    Tezzer started the conversation Have you seen my trident?.

    Any chance for compensation for a lost trident of the name POG which had loyalty 3, Impaling 5, Unbreaking 3, Mending which i threw in spawn and then never came back? Just wondered because I only had it for like 15mins and now im very sad. :P


    P.S. Don't throw tridents in spawn they may not return.
    sad times

  4. 10 months ago
    Fri Aug 17 21:46:25 2018

    The lightning strikes can be used to find near by locations to peoples bases giving close coords I believe.

  5. Fri Aug 17 21:14:52 2018

    Fair enough, thanks for saying why its gone though.

  6. Fri Aug 17 21:06:36 2018
    Tezzer started the conversation Rain, Rain, go away... Come back another day? .

    I have realised that the rain has been turned off, was just wondering if it will ever be turned on. Is this a temporary thing? I get that there is obviously a good reason for it being turned off but if it isn't too important can I ask that it be turned back on? This is because it takes away a part of the game, especially some new editions that people want to try out like the trident enchantments but also old features like getting supercharged creepers or even blowing mobs up with them to get heads.

    Anyway, just wanted to know if it will be coming back any time soon or not.

    Kind Regards,

  7. Sun Jul 22 17:08:27 2018

    Why did Sally fall off of the swing?
    She had no arms.

    Knock Knock,

    Who's There?

    Not Sally.

  8. 11 months ago
    Tue Jul 3 22:24:16 2018
    Tezzer posted in I'm Nostalgic.

    Also anyone know how to make the push to talk on discord work? Maybe you can talk me through it.

  9. Tue Jul 3 22:18:59 2018
    Tezzer started the conversation I'm Nostalgic.

    Just saying basically I miss everyone popping into teamspeak and talking, its used to get quite full and everyone had a great time, then discord came and now nobody really uses the voice chat. So I am challenging you all to try and use either discord or teamspeak on the server more, especially with the new map coming its always more enjoyable talking about random crap with people strangers. :) xx

    - Tezzer

  10. Mon Jul 2 12:43:35 2018
    Tezzer posted in The future of CraftyMynes!.

    Glad to hear I don't have to finish building my current base xD. Don't think i've finsihed one since the the map before this. Looking forward to a fresh start.
    R.I.P. infinity, mending bows :)

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