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    Sat Jul 18 08:29:28 2020
    nickta started the conversation nickta's Ban Appeal.

    In Game Name: nickta

    Reason for your ban: xray

    Why should you be unbanned: i assume i got banned for << finding >> and mining a netherite scrap immidiatly ... well i believe that it is know that my internet connection sucks (most of the time i dont have more than 1-2 lines in my connection bar) so when i mined down to level 15 ( told it is the best y) i lagged down because of my beautifull internet connection of 4.5 mbps and saw in threw the chank cause of it..... i saw the location of it cause of lag and nothing else.... I wasnt hacking . To make it clear. i am not saying that using lag and bug to find ores is ok , but since it happened ( and i didnt cause it) it would had been a waste for me not to get the opportunity especially ... especially i just had lost most of my gear ...

  2. Thu Jul 16 14:41:19 2020

    anyone else? -> ask mojang why minecraft lags

  3. 11 months ago
    Fri Jun 12 16:00:42 2020
    nickta posted in 1.16 Update!.

    why not just reset the nether .... i mean only the nether terrain will be affected by the update

  4. Fri Jun 12 09:56:41 2020
    nickta started the conversation total or just nether reset?.

    when the server updeate to 1.16 ( the nether update) with there be a total reset of the server or just the nether will be reset..... i mean since the changes will only affect the nether the overworld doesnt need to be reset....right?

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