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    Wed Nov 24 07:51:58 2021
    chbrandt started the conversation Ban Appeal - Proxy/VPN.

    Hi-- I've been banned saying I've been detected as a proxy/VPN? I've tried resetting my internet and also connecting to a wifi hotspot, not sure what the problem is, but it won't connect no matter what I try. Please help!

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    Sat Jun 20 09:30:14 2020
    chbrandt posted in Confused on entity limits.

    There we go, all chickens dead, nothing for you guys to worry about. Peace

  3. Sat Jun 20 09:27:52 2020
    chbrandt posted in Confused on entity limits.

    The first time, I get it, I was just spawning chickens like crazy, 700 is obviously above a limit I wasn't aware of. The second time, I was < 100 chickens and trying to pick up eggs at all times to keep entities down. When I logged off a few mins ago, there were no eggs and I was at 90 entities. I'm not surprised that if you're on there, several eggs were laid causing it to go to 121. You told me in chat it was 175, which is higher than any number I ever saw, and then you come here and say 300? C'mon....

  4. Sat Jun 20 07:29:44 2020
    chbrandt started the conversation Confused on entity limits.

    So a week or two ago, I was notified by an admin that I had too many entities (chickens), as I didn't know there was a limit. My bad. He killed a bunch of chickens, and didn't leave me with the raw chickens, which would have been a nice gesture to a relatively new player. Then I made sure I was keeping my chicken count at or below 100 to my best ability to count. Another admin, papaneon, reaches out and says I am slightly over 100, so I go in and kill 16 chickens then asked in chat if that was response. I asked again, no response. Then I come back 1.5 hours later and find my whole flock of chickens wiped out, down to 11, with no raw chickens left. This leaves me extremely frustrated AND confused. 11? After I tried asking if I was within the rules? His only response was that I was not under 100 (I was) and that I have to count mobs I can't see/didn't create.


  5. Fri Jun 19 21:06:17 2020
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