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  1. 2 months ago
    Tue Apr 19 01:51:19 2022
    oroJefe posted in April crate missing?.

    That's very kind, thanks! I was about to renew my MVP anyway, just wasn't sure when to do so :)

  2. Mon Apr 18 01:57:31 2022
    oroJefe started the conversation April crate missing?.

    Just wanted to mention I didn't get the April MVP crate, I know others have, so wondered if someone could look. Thanks :)

  3. Fri Apr 15 02:34:00 2022
    oroJefe started the conversation oroJefe staff application.

    In Game Name: oroJefe

    Age: 40

    Time Zone: MST

    Tell us a bit about yourself: I have played Minecraft for an eternity. I am a former server owner and admin including vanilla Java, modded, Paper and Spigot (as well as networked worlds using Bungee/Waterfall etc). I got incredibly burned out years ago running server side stuff, so basically went back to playing the game. It's been fun not having to manage rsync backups and incorrectly formatted YAML files. Therein, strength wise I know Java game mechanics inside out, as well as server level stuff from console, config, *nix stuff. Weaknesses: I really don't have much patience for chump like behavior.

    Why you are applying: I'd like to help keep the server a fun, safe, inclusive and enjoyable environment.

    Time Played on CraftyMynes (ticks): 53 million this map, more on previous

    Anything else: I like alliteration, onomatopoeia, and interfrastically use words that aren't real.

  4. 4 months ago
    Sat Feb 19 18:25:50 2022
    oroJefe posted in Simulation distance.

    Thanks for confirming Crafty, I appreciate it, and again completely appreciate the need for curtailing server load where possible. Is this a temporary game design change for the server, or will it be fixed for the remainder of this map? I only ask so that I can plan future builds in mind of the range limit.

  5. Thu Feb 17 20:59:47 2022
    oroJefe started the conversation Simulation distance.

    I saw this vaguely mentioned a while back, but nothing formal confirmed by staff. From testing it looks like the server's simulation-distance is set to 2 chunks, is this correct?

    I completely understand why that decision has been made if so, especially with a brand new map and all the load that new chunk generation causes. If the above is correct (and based off freezing entities I'm kinda sure it is) is there a potential for it to be gently increased at a future date? The server has been far more stable of late, and perhaps a relaxation, no matter how small, can be tested?

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    Tue Jul 28 19:14:21 2020
    oroJefe started the conversation VIP rank and homes.

    Hey guys. With the paid VIP rank it says the first two homes are free. Am I right in inferring VIPs then have a new third home which is accessible via the vote credits?

  7. Tue Jul 28 19:11:57 2020
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