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  1. 5 weeks ago
    Wed Sep 15 00:59:30 2021
    PapaNeon posted in VPN ban - Please help.

    You should be able to log in now, if you have any more issues let us know.

  2. 7 weeks ago
    Thu Sep 2 02:15:05 2021

    rip lol i liked that build

  3. Mon Aug 30 22:22:00 2021
    PapaNeon posted in Werdpes ban apeal.

    second time you've been tagged by the filter, you really dont need to send a message every 1 to 3 seconds.


  4. 8 weeks ago
    Mon Aug 30 03:17:22 2021
    PapaNeon posted in SykoYT's ban 3 days ago.


  5. 2 months ago
    Sat Aug 7 03:17:36 2021
    PapaNeon posted in TSK_Slingshot’s Ban Appeal.


  6. Thu Aug 5 06:54:09 2021
    PapaNeon posted in New Word Association.


  7. Mon Aug 2 02:18:03 2021
    PapaNeon posted in The Selfie Thread!!.

    @Redtiger0409 I cant freakin figure out how to do the thing!!!

  8. 3 months ago
    Sat Jul 24 04:33:55 2021
    PapaNeon posted in xenove's ban appeal :(.

    Hi there, sorry for the delay. You should read the rules HERE to make sure you don't end up making another appeal. I'll pardon you now, welcome back.

  9. Thu Jul 22 23:06:38 2021
    PapaNeon posted in listen.

    I think it would be better if you actually read ANY of the ban appeals on this website that have to do with cheating.

    We do NOT pardon accounts that were banned for cheating or using prohibited mods.

    The ban will stand.

  10. Tue Jul 6 01:08:02 2021
    PapaNeon posted in Villager Breeding?.

    Mob griefing is enabled, any methods that rely on mob griefing should work. "Should" being a very important word, mojang is a very small indie company after all.

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