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  1. 3 weeks ago
    Thu Mar 5 21:49:35 2020
    PapaNeon posted in FallenKrab's Ban Appeal.

    The apology is appreciated, but we have very strict rules about cheating here. We don't unban cheaters under any circumstances.

    Best of luck elsewhere.

  2. 7 weeks ago
    Fri Feb 7 22:48:16 2020
    PapaNeon posted in New Word Association.


  3. Mon Feb 3 23:08:50 2020
    PapaNeon posted in Snoafy's Ban Appeal.

    Don't make duplicate appeals. The staff member who banned you will respond when they have time.

  4. 2 months ago
    Wed Jan 22 01:56:33 2020

    "if you can't take the risk of getting killed by another player, maybe this isn't the server for you."

    You're upset you got killed in a VIDEO GAME, so you resorted to attacking someones REAL LIFE.

    I already told you, take the L and move on. We aren't going to change it to non-pvp just because you don't like it.

    Move On.

  5. Wed Jan 22 01:43:13 2020

    As I explained in-game, PVP is allowed here. Griefing and raiding are all allowed here. Trash Talking (to a degree) is allowed here. What Isn't allowed, is you telling other players you hope they're assaulted and killed infront of their families.

    This has nothing to do with "elitism", if you can't take the risk of getting killed by another player, maybe this isn't the server for you.

  6. Sat Jan 18 03:36:02 2020
    PapaNeon posted in Word Association.


  7. 3 months ago
    Mon Dec 16 02:22:51 2019
    PapaNeon posted in Tank9911's Ban Appeal.

    After taking a long hard look everything considered, we've come to the conclusion that this was an unjust ban. You've been pardoned. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

    Welcome back.

  8. Sun Dec 15 20:03:37 2019
    PapaNeon posted in H4x3r_ Ban Appeal.

    This has been sorted out, welcome back.

  9. Sun Dec 15 01:14:14 2019
    PapaNeon posted in Yuno's Ban Appeal.

    The rules also state " Please listen to staff members. In order to keep the server safe, staff reserve the right to add, modify and patch rules."

    Looks like you still don't quite understand that you cannot say what you want because "your friend didn't find it bothersome", so you can remain banned until you understand why you've been banned in the first place.

  10. Sat Dec 14 07:21:38 2019
    PapaNeon posted in Yuno's Ban Appeal.

    plural noun: hoes

    a prostitute.
    a woman.

    Make a serious appeal and you'll get a serious response.

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