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  1. last week
    Sun Jun 9 07:40:29 2019
    PapaNeon posted in DavidGolait's Ban Appeal.

    Hi there.

    Yes, I said Guess What, to which you replied " I'm Banned? " sounds like you did in fact know what you said was a no-no.

    I've seen many instances of you breaking chat rules over the last week or so, including a couple kicks and verbal warnings that I gave myself, all of which have ended with some snide remark mocking the warning, which tells me you just aren't taking it seriously.

    Example being last time I had to tell you to stop, you kept poking at the fact that I said "You've been here long enough to know that's not allowed".

    You've been banned before, and have been here for quite some time, so I'll set this ban for 3 days.

  2. 4 weeks ago
    Mon May 20 01:15:18 2019
    PapaNeon posted in Bauhausen's Ban Appeal.

    Hello, as you might've guess I'm the one that banned you.

    I watched you for the better part of an hour, and in that hour I watched both you and FriendsFries xray to various ores, not just diamond. I wanna point out the fact that "being lucky" doesn't really have anything to do with it when you're digging COMPLETELY out of your way, ( up, down etc ) to acquire the ores.

    I've had an admin review my footage that I took, and have come to the conclusion that you and your friend FriendsFries were in fact xraying, and the both of you will remain banned.

    Best of luck on other servers.

  3. Mon May 20 00:02:59 2019
    PapaNeon posted in Bauhausen's Ban Appeal.

    follow the format found here -

  4. Sun May 19 20:04:33 2019
    PapaNeon posted in fffelix_jan's Ban Appeal.

    as noted in your first appeal, you were caught hacking, and will not be pardoned, no matter how long it has been. There is no "auto ban" for that, you were caught red handed by a staff member at the time.

    Have fun elsewhere.

  5. Sun May 19 02:33:01 2019
    PapaNeon posted in Un ban Mr_crazycool.

    follow the proper format found here.

  6. 6 weeks ago
    Sun May 5 19:17:54 2019
    PapaNeon posted in ban appeal.

    follow the format found here

  7. Fri May 3 02:05:27 2019
    PapaNeon posted in Eggy_Salsa's Ban Appeal.

    To be fair, I kicked you twice while asking you in-game to change it.

    Since you listened, I'll go ahead and unban. Thank you for your cooperation.

  8. 7 weeks ago
    Sun Apr 28 08:47:51 2019
    PapaNeon posted in CraftyMynes Owner AMA.

    @CraftyMyner I would probably use a camera to see myself in 10 years, but who knows what we would have at that time.

    No NeCrO pOsTiNg

  9. Fri Apr 26 05:59:29 2019

    @deyahruhd -image-
    Have to log in with my Jira account here.

    Odd, i dont recall making an account but it lets me log in.

  10. Thu Apr 25 22:05:38 2019
    PapaNeon posted in A&C Early market opening !.

    Ill take a shulker, ill be on in a few hours <3

    i might take two, I have to consult with my financial advisor

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