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    In Game Name: Konzee

    Age: 23

    Time Zone: Eastern standard time zone.

    I have played on the CraftyMynes server for just over a month at this point, I started mid July and have played pretty consistently since then. There's a couple reasons I fell in love with this server and a couple things that I think could be improved upon. My main love comes from the community itself, I adore the energy and positivity the staff and players emit. I think it's beyond impressive that the core base of this servers staff and most of the regulars have been talking to each other for months or years at a time. The discord provides a close environment and allows you to build real relationships with people. There is a very strong sense of community and 'togetherness' that most servers struggle to build. With that being said I never struggled to get involved with the on goings around here. The people are super friendly and staff are very supportive and I never felt a disconnect; I never really felt like an outsider. Another love of mine is how vanilla this server truly is while still allowing usage of key quality of life improvements that allow for fast game play. Something I think could definitely be improved upon is timely execution of activities designed to benefit the server. There is a large group of pvpers on Crafty Mynes and it's one of the main appeals we have with our purely vanilla platform. Unfortunately we do not have a designated area for reliable pvp at this point and I think this is something that the community would really rally around. I'm aware it is in the works right now but not many people know an expected time of arrival or have any information other than it's a work in progress. I understand these things take time but it makes me wonder if enough people were tasked with helping operations get off the ground.

    As for myself; my biggest strength is a combination of two personality traits. I am a very patient person who also happens to be very determined. I love teaching people new things and aiding the general public with anything I can be of assistance with. These two traits allow me to better people effectively in the sense that I don't give up on people and will see the task through until it is done better than I could do it myself. I have two weakness that are both blessings and curses at the same time. These are things I manage better than I did in the past but still have room to grow. I am extremely stubborn to the point where I sometimes have to take a minute and self evaluate before continuing the conversation. The second weakness being that I am a perfectionist; I can attempt something 100 times and still not being totally happy with the end product. This sometimes leads to me scrapping the entire project and starting back on square one. This leads to unnecessary time constraints and mental pressure/stress.

    Why you are applying: I am applying because I want to be a part of the wonderful staffing team of Crafty Mynes. I want to help the people and the server in a 'bigger' way and would love to be one of the driving forces in the community. I have the knowledge to support new players with Minecraft mechanics and the appropriate skills to support the server in times of distress.

    Time Played on CraftyMynes: 10196223 ticks.

    If you could pick one thing about yourself to change what would it be, why would you change it and how would you change it: One thing that I'm not comfortable with currently is how complacent I've become during quarantine. It bothers me that I'm not doing 'more' and haven't been able to chase my passions outside of video games. Prior to Covid I was hitting the gym 6 days a week and diligently adhering to my schedule but this has changed drastically. I haven't stayed active or lifted heavy since my last day in a proper gym. This is something I've realized was weighing on my mental and have been doing more body weight exercises in order to get back into training.

    Any additional information or notes: I wanted to add this in and provide some work history just to give a bit of substance to what I've said earlier. The reason I believe I can genuinely benefit Crafty Mynes and help support the server as a staff member rather than just a regular are in the credentials of my resume. I have managed a busy restaurant for the last 2 years and supervised for a couple prior to that. I played competitive cod for an amateur team in the past and won a couple tournaments. I have been playing video games since I was a kid and know the scene pretty well. I am knowledgeable about both games and people and would love the opportunity to utilize my skills and make CraftyMynes even the smallest bit more fantastic!

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