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    Wed Nov 4 18:15:56 2020
    Builder started the conversation builder424's BAN APPEAL.

    Username: builder424
    Ban reason: Language

    Explanation: so this play by the name of pink (pink something i forgot). was living in the same town as me not that town at wild
    she thought i greifed her house beacause it was across from mine. i offered to help rebuild multiple times. the problem is that she kept killing me after that. and the other parts of the town were greifed there was multiple greifers. it happend a while ago so idk the usernames. her house is across from mine in the middle is a big farm. so after i built this awsome house and decorated it. the server was honestly unplayable at this point beacase she kept walking over to my base and killing me or if she saw me around the village she would attack on sight. i kept being nice and saying plz stop fellow girl gamer. but she was mad yall. then she set fires in my house broke some stuff. it was annoying she kept bothering me. so i got mad cause admins were not tellingher to stop some people were helping me tho by killing her when she would hop over to my base. so i used bad language towards her. a mod or admin said watch your language or they told me no swearing. but she wouldnt leave my house and i said i would help her rebuild. so then i said the F word to her and i was banned

    reason for unbanning: i wont do it again its not worth getting banned plus i really like the server and i miss my house that i built.and i promise to never swear on the server or u can ban me for a month or forever

    yours truly builder424

  2. Wed Nov 4 16:51:03 2020
    Builder started the conversation ban appeal builder424.

    hi my username is builder424 could you guys unban me plz. reason for ban is swearing after 1 warning and sorry

  3. Wed Nov 4 16:49:52 2020
    Builder started the conversation ban appeal builder424.

    hello my minecraft username is builder424 and i was wondering if i could get unbanned from the server. i got banned for swearing after a moderator told me not to. they gave me a warning so its totally my fault. plz help and thank you so much and sorry

  4. Wed Nov 4 16:42:15 2020
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