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    Sat Aug 28 18:43:49 2021
    SykoYT started the conversation SykoYT's ban 3 days ago.

    It's been already 3 days since my ban. 72hours and nothing yet... still waiting

  2. Wed Aug 25 00:30:00 2021
    SykoYT started the conversation SykoYT's ban appeal.

    I just can't think about anything innapropiate I have said. I got banned after not talking for 15 minutes and being offline for 30 minutes. The only "weird" thing I can think of is that I typed in a FAMOUS SPANISH SONG LYRICS. I don't considerate that as a "Chat Violation" although. Some other users (vip/mpv's) use more agressive or insulting words through chat.
    I apologize for whatever I did, but I still want to know what I typed and WHY I got banned after 45 minutes of not talking.

  3. Sun Jan 17 08:32:12 2021
    SykoYT started the conversation Parkour "hall of fame".

    I propose that admins build a kind of "hall of fame" for the ones that have fully completed the parkour in .parkour. (At least put some signs with names)
    I've completed the parkour 10 minutes ago

  4. Thu Jan 14 04:46:03 2021
    SykoYT started the conversation Ban appeal: spam.

    Ban reason: chat spamming

    It was today when I first set my respawn point in a bed, but a full netherite guy covered it with obsidian and lava, so everytime I respawned I died (no way out).

    I think I should be unbanned because the spam was becuase I needed someone to save me and I panicked. Got banned after spamming a few messages asking for help.
    I've been playing on this server for 2 weeks and I really enjoy/ed it.

    Minecraft username: SykoYT

  5. Thu Jan 14 04:41:14 2021
    SykoYT joined the forum.