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    Fri Apr 2 22:38:28 2021
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  2. Tue Mar 30 10:32:36 2021

    You're the scum here VIP, You betrayed me.

  3. Tue Mar 30 10:13:25 2021
    Tjopper posted in New Word Association.

    Area 51

  4. Tue Mar 30 10:11:48 2021
    Tjopper started the conversation TJOP's Ban Appeal.

    Hi there!
    My Minecraft name is TJOP
    Reason for ban: I have no clue, it was such a long time ago that I couldn't recall what I was banned for. I wouldn't mind being reminded of what I did wrong and will adjust my behavior accordingly.
    With kind regards

  5. Tue Mar 30 10:04:24 2021

    OnePunchAlex isn't DeJean btw, he's Skeppy_Bum_Bum

  6. Tue Mar 30 09:59:45 2021

    You will wish that you were never born, for too long, boonk gang has been led by the wrong leader! The only and true founder of boonkgang will always be DeJean!


  7. Tue Mar 30 09:57:29 2021

    I couldn't be DeJean... Or could I???

  8. Tue Mar 30 09:54:42 2021
    Tjopper joined the forum.