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    Fri Apr 9 20:45:09 2021
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  2. Fri Apr 9 20:41:48 2021
    oHidden started the conversation oHidden's Ban Appeal v2.

    This is a message. Not an Appeal. Not anything but a message to the moderator that banned me and replied to my previous post, Loneley_Flame, Nothing I said was sarcastic. I meant it in every way and if you cannot see that maybe you should be the one questioned for violating. This is complete non-sense and because of you're judgmental actions I have nothing to do. You banned me for 2 days for repeatedly using ".report" even though you told me to stop. I have went over this many times in my head and thought this terrible mess over and over. Just because of my actions in-game does NOT mean you can judge whether or not the words I say are true or not. I would like the owner of the server to review this post. I agree. I should have been banned. But I made a thoughtful appeal. And for the actions I did; did not deserve a 2 day ban. I would like a second chance. I should not be telling you guys how to run your server but you need to go over this kind of stuff. In the nicest way possible I would like this message to be a BIG f you to Loneley_Flame and nothing else. Delete this message if this truly offends you but I would love for you guys to keep me banned. F**k. You.

  3. Fri Apr 9 20:18:46 2021
    oHidden started the conversation oHidden's Ban Appeal.

    In Game Name: oHidden

    Reason for your ban: Chat Violation

    Why should you be unbanned: What I did was WRONG. I'm very very sorry for my disrespect and my bad choices. I have changed completely as a person. I understand your frustration in every way possible and I understand why you banned me. We need to come together as people and realize we ALL make mistakes. And those mistakes come with lessons. What I did was a BIIGGGG mistake. I am sorry. And I will never do it again. Please. Please. Unban me. Thank you. -oHidden

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