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  1. 3 weeks ago
    Thu Jun 27 20:04:52 2024
    birdfrock posted in 1.21 and new map.

    I heard the border size was reduced to 300kx300 from 400kx400k?
    Is this correct or is it still 400k?

  2. 8 months ago
    Thu Nov 9 04:09:20 2023
    birdfrock started the conversation turn particles and hats on?.

    so with VIP+ you get particles and hats?
    where/how do I turn those on?

  3. Thu Nov 9 01:12:26 2023
    birdfrock posted in Buying SILENCE armor trim.

    I have silence

  4. Wed Nov 1 19:35:52 2023
    birdfrock posted in Buying SILENCE armor trim.

    silence is which one?

  5. 9 months ago
    Tue Oct 3 21:11:52 2023

    @Tez1010 Most of the old player base quit because they grew up, left school, got jobs and generally got bored with minecraft or just simply dont have time to play.

    This ^^^

  6. 10 months ago
    Sun Sep 10 23:37:15 2023
    birdfrock started the conversation I want to say thank you to the STAFF!.

    I know the rules and follow them to the best of my ability. What happened was truly an honest mistake.
    I want to thank the staff for looking into my specific case and allowing me to continue playing on Craftymynes.
    Much appreciated.
    thank you for Unbanning me!

  7. Sat Sep 9 18:15:11 2023
    birdfrock posted in birdfrock.

    man you people are not all. Total accident, I'm sure you all have made mistakes.
    Man trying to be honest and people just shit on you. I did NOT use it.

  8. Sat Sep 9 18:11:18 2023
    birdfrock started the conversation Birdfrocks Bann Appeal.

    In Game Name: Birdfrock

    Reason for your ban:
    I posted that I have ACCIDENTALLY logged in with Minimap, but DID NOT use it.

    Why should you be unbanned:
    I play on 2 different server one of which allows minimap.
    I came back to CraftyMynes after the reset and forgot to turn off the minimap but as soon as I logged in I realized it was still active and I immediately logged out and disabled it, I DID NOT USE IT.

    This was a complete accident, I admitted this in a post on the forum, which some of the Admins saw already.

    This was a complete Human Error and I did not log in with it on intentionally.
    Again I immediately logged off and turned it off, I did not use it.
    This has been weeks since this happened and hasn't happened since.

    total accident.

    I'd like to keep playing on crafty mynes

  9. Sat Sep 9 18:04:21 2023
    birdfrock posted in birdfrock.

    "the mistake"

  10. Fri Sep 8 01:58:06 2023
    birdfrock posted in Worldborder size doubled.

    @j____a____r____d This is what happens when you start begging for admin intervention because “greeferz ruin muh playstyle,” you voted for this brah

    I'm not concerned with it. are you?

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