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    Thu Mar 16 20:11:02 2023
    birdfrock posted in Harrassment from unknown player.

    @Dennari43 Thank you for reporting this. They have been fixed.

    Do we know who did it? if so, may we know too?

  2. Thu Mar 16 02:34:37 2023
    birdfrock posted in Harrassment from unknown player.

    I've talked to Crafty about this and he's on it. he's not to pleased with it either. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!


  3. 4 weeks ago
    Tue Feb 28 00:57:07 2023

    Yeah I think I have figured out who it is. a new person, or two. I don't think they know much about minecraft either..
    and it keeps happening. we rebuilt and they come back and do more again.

  4. Mon Feb 27 20:23:26 2023
    birdfrock started the conversation Killing villagers? Griefers or Staff?.

    I work in the large farm area, restoring it after it was heavily griefed. Now all the leveled up mobs have been killed off.
    I'm wondering if it's griefers or staff killing them off to lower numbers or?

    It really bothers me when we have a community of people working together one a project(compos farm) and someone just comes along and destroys it.

  5. Wed Feb 22 03:31:25 2023
    birdfrock posted in .wild map!.

    @Despicableme884 How many enlarged maps make up a quadrant?
    andthanks for doing this, this along with another person, I found my stuff I lost.

  6. 4 months ago
    Tue Nov 8 03:19:29 2022

    thanks Crafty!

  7. Sat Nov 5 21:25:09 2022

    I logged on today and there's a large screen of multiplayer stats on the right side of the screen.
    How can this be removed or can Crafty please get rid of it? not fun playing with that there.
    Noone like sit, please remove it ASAP.


  8. 8 months ago
    Fri Jul 15 02:31:16 2022
    birdfrock started the conversation IP Banned from Hotel IP addy.

    Tried to play at my hotel here in Vegas. Here with my family for a con.
    Said my IP was banned but I'll have a different IP when I get home.
    Please unban, thanks

  9. 10 months ago
    Sat Apr 30 21:52:13 2022
    birdfrock posted in .wild map!.

    is the bridge over everythign on this map?

  10. Sat Apr 30 21:50:59 2022
    birdfrock started the conversation Village map..

    where is the village map? Someone is placing a trail and I wanted to see teh map. they say it's on the forum?

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