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    Sat Jan 22 22:52:49 2022
    Blackened_Dawn changed BadMansMadDream's group to Suspended.
  2. Sun Jan 16 10:42:48 2022
    BadMansMadDream posted in you know.

    looks like some kind of sky base

  3. Sun Jan 9 03:24:53 2022
    BadMansMadDream posted in Contractors.

    @Redtiger0409 Am I automatically one or am i just the miner?


  4. Sun Jan 9 03:12:34 2022
    BadMansMadDream posted in Selling my Services.

    @Redtiger0409 Bro sorry but i really dont care. I dont care that im charging 4 diamonds. Its fine by me

    Thats how to do it.

  5. Fri Jan 7 02:48:43 2022
    BadMansMadDream started the conversation Contractors.

    Looking for contractors, hit my line.

  6. Thu Jan 6 12:03:01 2022
    BadMansMadDream posted in #NoJusticeForTom246815_2.

    i should be unbanned because i will give most of my earnings too new players

  7. Wed Jan 5 01:00:18 2022
    BadMansMadDream posted in Selling my Services.

    farm redstone for me

  8. Sat Jan 1 09:03:27 2022
    BadMansMadDream posted in 1.18 main base tour (.home 2)!.

    @ThePhoenix Very nice and very old timey! Although can't believe you allow your villagers to roam free... They should live in 1x1 boxes!


  9. Sun Dec 26 09:10:01 2021
    BadMansMadDream posted in Mod Approval Request.

    approve all

  10. Wed Dec 22 01:10:57 2021
    BadMansMadDream posted in New Word Association.


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