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    Sat Jun 13 15:20:48 2020
    Fisban_Regner started the conversation Fisban_Regner's Staff Application.

    3rd times a charm right?

    In Game Name: Fisban_Regner

    Age: 37

    Time Zone: Eastern

    i love nature and spending time out side i also love computers and messing around with programming and hardware.
    I have been with CraftyMynes from version 1.7. i have seen many people come and go with the server, this server has always had a good community of mostly friendly people. they staff is helpful and stern but also know how to have fun, there is not much i dont like about the server and the stuff i don't like cant be changed because its Mojung's. i get along with most people and im good at keeping people on task.
    weakness: some times when i get started on a task i have a hard time separating my self from this task, have issues with large groups of people (public situations only)

    Why you are applying:i think i would make a good addition to the staff, i have a good understanding of what is expected and i feel like it s my time to contribute back to the server.

    Time Played on CraftyMynes (ticks): 9063473+ i know my ticks on this reset are low i took a break for a while but i have been playing on craftymynes from version 1.7 i think i may even been the oldest(not age, time) non staff player you guys have here.

    If you could pick one thing about yourself to change what would it be, why would you change it and how would you change it: my ability to not submit a staff application properly, pay attention to the buttons and not hit draft this time.:)
    i cant think of any thing i would like to change about my self. i'm actually comfortable with my strengths and weaknesses and have come to terms with my major flaws and learned ways to cope with them.

    Any additional information or notes: this is the 3rd application o have submitted i had 2 before this one that for some reason didn't post correctly and came out blank and marked as drafts. i was unable to open them back up for editing, i suspect i clicked the save as draft button instead of start conversation

  2. Sat Jun 13 14:37:11 2020
    Fisban_Regner posted in Need Help With Redstone?.

    this thread is closed

  3. 2 years ago
    Wed Nov 29 01:28:16 2017
    Fisban_Regner posted in The Redstone thread!.

    Figured you would do something like that

  4. Mon Nov 27 21:10:38 2017
    Fisban_Regner posted in I'm selling redstone builds..

    For a limited time I'm offering a discounted rate for my first few customers if you have any questions feel free to post them and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

  5. Mon Nov 27 03:30:41 2017
    Fisban_Regner posted in Builds for sale !.

    Itishard to get something like this going but it is possible on the last server iwent around selling redstone builds. I took a while for the first few people but after thati had little more than a dozen return customers. Also on that noteif you ever want to include some redstone in your builds and need help letme know i could help you implement it in.

  6. Sun Nov 26 03:33:42 2017
    Fisban_Regner posted in upgrade to trading post.

    Im sorry for creating this thread i was happy with your simple answer

    @CraftyMyner Quite a hard feat to do in vanilla, banners can't display text with enough precision to display all that info. Also getting each item and count would be next to impossible, there is many different types and counts players could put in, and to add complexity, stacks are just one entity with a different count.

    Yet it seams other people anrt i thought it was a great idea and it is on paper but the ammount of work it would take is not worth it. We have a system in place thatdoes in fact work verry well

    @NerdieBirdieYT Then the person who didn't get the full pay asks for the rest and you agree. If you don't agree, they can report ya.

    Yes it would be a great thing to have if it was reliable and easy to do but as crafty said it is neither one. Soithink it best if we place this in the valt of great but unpracticle ideas. Who knows maybe one day this will be an easy task as update comes out.
    Posted on android.

  7. Sat Nov 25 20:38:35 2017
    Fisban_Regner posted in Need Help With Redstone?.

    Can some one explain to me the difference between a normal 2x2 piston door and a seamless 2x2 piston door?

  8. Sat Nov 25 17:28:29 2017
    Fisban_Regner posted in The Redstone thread!.

    Can some one explain to me what it means to have a seemless piston door

  9. Sat Nov 25 04:11:21 2017
    Fisban_Regner posted in Need Help With Redstone?.

    Ive been away for a year so im playing catchup

  10. Fri Nov 24 19:36:38 2017
    Fisban_Regner posted in The Redstone thread!.

    Man i feel bad for crafty all the commands are changing and he may have to do a complete rewrite of all the server command blocks

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