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  1. 5 days ago
    Wed Feb 22 16:38:48 2017
    HaloNest posted in The Selfie Thread!!.

    nice phone

  2. 2 weeks ago
    Mon Feb 13 15:05:03 2017
    HaloNest posted in New Base.

    Reminds me of good old times

  3. 3 weeks ago
    Sun Feb 5 21:42:00 2017
    HaloNest posted in Resourcepacks!.

    You robber

  4. Sun Feb 5 17:36:48 2017
    HaloNest posted in hi.

    @_Haxington_ I like penne with arrabbiata sauce

    Italian approved

  5. Sun Feb 5 16:37:52 2017
    HaloNest posted in Resourcepacks!.

    I use my custom one

  6. 4 weeks ago
    Sun Jan 29 16:49:46 2017
    HaloNest posted in Anti-elytra glider trap ideas.

    @Valgys If I learned anything from Star Wars, this is an unavoidable reality in your design. Accept it.


    You should see rogue one

  7. Wed Jan 25 21:07:45 2017

    @Cileklim General 9/10
    Crafting 9/10
    Mobs 9/10
    Redstone 2/10 lol what is flip-flop?

    Ah come on

  8. 5 weeks ago
    Sun Jan 22 10:14:15 2017
    HaloNest posted in Actual Riddles [Questions].

    @GrinningBobcat 3 db for Nut.

    Credits to me you folk

  9. Sat Jan 21 23:14:18 2017
    HaloNest posted in Actual Riddles [Questions].

    That may be correct your translation is hella wrong, the sun is a star first, just because our sun is small it doesn't mean every other star is small.
    The biggest star known is called "canis major is" and it is thousands of times the sun.
    Wrong translation benjobanjo
    Krien also is not used to talk about proper stars in the dragon language
    Plus I don't see the point of creating a composed word when you can just use the dovahzulic word for "star"... "Fil"

  10. Sat Jan 21 21:41:11 2017
    HaloNest posted in Help Me Build A Town.


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