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    Mon Mar 27 09:51:35 2017
    HaloNest posted in What other games you play.

    Lol, I have no clue

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    Sun Mar 26 22:27:19 2017
    HaloNest posted in any advice?.

    @JKELLER4000 buy a new computer!

    Summed up for ya'

  3. Sun Mar 26 22:10:02 2017
    HaloNest posted in video editing software.

    @BluePlauge I myself use Overwolf to capture in game footage ( comes free with TS). Then I use Wondershare Filmora to edit. It is only a free trial and costs $60 for get rid of the water mark on the finished project. However, I found a way around that to further try the program before committing to it. If you change the settings correctly, you can record the Filmora fullscreen preview using Overwolf. This was what I ended up with, https://forum.craftymynes.com/5085-nysic-s-party/p1#p59444
    I know its not perfect, and the quality would be better after purchasing the full program, but it is good enough to let me become accustom to the whole editing world for free, and still be able to show off my super nubby videos.

    Filmora is cool, once i used it for school but I only had the trial version... It looked so bad with that water mark all the clip long

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    HaloNest posted in What other games you play.


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    Sun Mar 26 16:01:09 2017
    HaloNest posted in Age?.

    14 lol

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    Really, I'm not a rider or anything

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    Why am I in the list, I only kill noobs to get cool heads, that means you consider yourself a noob

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    HaloNest posted in Something big is coming....

    Totally doesn't

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    HaloNest posted in The Selfie Thread!!.


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