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    Wed Oct 18 21:55:24 2017
    HaloNest posted in Introducing NN Adventure Team!.

    Too many .'s

  2. Wed Oct 18 18:59:24 2017
    HaloNest started the conversation HaloNest's ban appeal.

    ign: HaloNest

    reason for the ban: so today I tped to wellev, at first I thaught he was being killed over and over by a raider, but when I was teleported to him it turned out that it was just his teammate trying to get his head, but when I discovered it was too late and they started fighting me so I started to fight them back, I was first given a warning for spam killing but I wasn't paying attention to chat, so I got kicked and after I re joined I kept spam killing and so I was eventually banned.

    why should I be unbanned: I'm really sorry, I should have stopped spam killing when I was given a warning, you have my word I will pay attention to chat and staff orders in the future.

  3. 4 days ago
    Wed Oct 18 05:23:24 2017


  4. Tue Oct 17 21:55:50 2017
    HaloNest posted in support humfry.

    Humfry is not in team eye

  5. Tue Oct 17 21:54:31 2017
    HaloNest posted in Introducing NN Adventure Team!.

    It’s not that easy to run a “faction”, Alarm is in part right on this one

  6. Tue Oct 17 21:38:56 2017
    HaloNest posted in support humfry.

    I haven't got many in game goodies at the moment, but I've got a VIP+ upgrade waitig for you!

  7. Tue Oct 17 07:11:56 2017

    T’was a really good base

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    Mon Oct 16 20:49:08 2017


  9. Mon Oct 16 20:48:01 2017

    Yes, I’ll buy that banner

  10. Mon Oct 16 20:46:41 2017

    As Chris said, that banner belongs to an ancient small civilisation, now probably gone extinct due the rivalry with other tribes, you got a real archeological masterpiece bud!

    I’ll buy that for 10 DBs

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