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    Tue Jan 1 14:47:54 2019


  2. Tue Jan 1 11:25:31 2019
    kinmun posted in New Year Disco Special.

    noooiiice i like it

  3. Tue Jan 1 11:09:52 2019
    kinmun started the conversation IM BACK requesting help from crafty.

    Dear Crafty
    >>It's me Kinmun from 3 years ago<<
    sorry idk how to change my name
    also is possible to get my green membership back?
    also happy new year
    also idk how to private message so sorry for using this
    btw if u dont remember me i was the guy whose base got deleted for some reason and also i was the guy who asked for permission to use the rail glitches and u said its ok.
    im also slatterns friend

    Thankyou :D

  4. 4 years ago
    Tue Apr 19 16:06:32 2016
    kinmun posted in The source of our lag!!!.

    Thanks crafty for trying to help me with the random disapearnce of my room.

  5. Tue Apr 19 15:57:17 2016
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