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    Sun Sep 17 01:41:55 2023
    GoldenNugget022 started the conversation GoldenNuggets ban, sorry.

    Name goldennugget 022
    Reason for ban X-ray

    I used X-ray a while back and ever since hated using it because it was one of the only servers I had fun in, I was wondering if you could give me another chance please


  2. Sat Aug 26 17:23:36 2023
    GoldenNugget022 started the conversation GoldenNugget022 ban appeal.

    Reason for ban: X-ray

    Why should I be unbanned:

    Alright I’m not gonna lie I used X-ray to try and find ancient debris. I sorta just started and I’ve been playing with R3dwidow as a teammate and I wanna keep playing. I promise I won’t X-ray again I’ll even delete it and if you catch me using it again you can ban me forever from the server. Sorry. Oh and this is goldennugget022

  3. Sat Aug 26 17:08:37 2023
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