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    Mon Sep 18 01:12:31 2023
    Crash_Rat_notsus started the conversation Crash_Rat_notsus's ban appeal.

    I was banned for a hacked client that I was not even using or was even hacked for people that do not know lunar client has a custom name tag so mine with have a moon in my name but it did not so I was not using it so I would like it if you unban me. I also never hacked on the server before. so unban me please

  2. 5 weeks ago
    Sun Aug 27 06:03:40 2023
    Crash_Rat_notsus started the conversation Crash_Rat_notsus Ban appeal.

    Reason of ban: "hacked client"

    \UNBAN me bro I got banned for "Hacked client" bro I was using just Minecraft I have lunar client running in the background of my pc and discord says I am using it BUT I am not cause I would have a moon in the start of my username. I also do not have any other clients So PLEASE unban me

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