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    Tue Apr 24 04:14:45 2018
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    Tue Apr 24 02:12:53 2018
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    Lol is that the fucking teletubbies sun?

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    Sat Apr 21 19:40:28 2018
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    1 dimon

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    Sick nasty

  6. Sat Apr 21 19:38:03 2018

    Tbh the server should reset

  7. Sat Apr 21 06:52:22 2018

    @R4iscool1 We have no plans to reset.

    that's too bad

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    Wed Apr 18 23:26:18 2018
    SharpSerac posted in Team Eye Application (Official).

    @Kyadactyl my in game name is Kyadactyl my age is 18 I joined i don't know at least 7 months ago i have 4653363 ticks i am pretty good at PvP i like mining the most on CraftyMynes i like turtles and dogs and have a head coletion in game i like team eye because i am looking for a faction that does not have too many enimes, it has a lot of PvPrs and i like Pvping i know some people in the team team eye seams like a good faction i also like that i will be part of a faction with my friends

    follow-up question, have you, or anyone you associate with ever been or currently fall under the category of "bucko"?

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    Wed Apr 18 02:27:45 2018
    SharpSerac posted in iwarriiori's renovation services.

    @NerdieBirdieYT I understand this is a joke thread and I'm legitimately not trying to bash you, warrior, but I would like to point out that griefing is just simple destruction. Building takes skill and a lot of effort. That's partially why NN doesn't grief - we value the effort people put into their work.

    Gg on the raids though!!

    hey bucko, griefing is an art form. we don't just randomly place tnt and light it all up, we strategically and meaningfully place each and every tnt block in just the right spot to create a unique work of art from previously uncultured builds. you can go ahead and claim that building takes more skill, but the true art is in the destruction

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    SharpSerac posted in Griefers League United.

    @MaggiAusDaKann lmao some of the members are just alts man

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