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  1. 4 days ago
    Thu Jan 18 04:54:57 2018
    SharpSerac posted in Word Association .

    living creature

  2. Wed Jan 17 18:21:30 2018
    SharpSerac posted in Word Association .

    Sea cucumber

  3. 6 days ago
    Mon Jan 15 08:52:07 2018
    SharpSerac posted in Word Association .

    Fullmetal alchemist

  4. last week
    Fri Jan 12 03:36:12 2018
    SharpSerac started the conversation SharpSerac's Ban Appeal.

    In Game Name: SharpSerac

    Reason for your ban: So I've got lots of shit going on in my life, can't really hop on this server to fuck up the new kids as much as I would like, plus no new kids or old kids want to get their shit wrecked so I just never bothered trying to come on. When I do play mc I'm making potion shit in witchery on the the Team Eye FTB server (with dawny and baroon as well xd)

    Why should you be unbanned: idk dawn said I could make a fake ban appeal so that's exactly what I'm doing, hope I caught a few of you skidlord buckos off guard and made you think I was banned xd

  5. Tue Jan 9 04:22:57 2018
    SharpSerac posted in Old Fashioned God Bow.

    Dragonslayer, the bow that killed the first dragon, was actually upgraded to be fully enchanted with mending and infinity. Just a little fun fact for you guys

  6. 3 weeks ago
    Tue Dec 26 04:00:25 2017
    SharpSerac posted in Green's 'Actual' Blacksmithery.

    But do you have a forge and anvil?

  7. 4 weeks ago
    Sun Dec 24 23:08:07 2017
    SharpSerac posted in CM Fit Club.

    invite me tezbro

  8. Sun Dec 24 23:05:14 2017

    weak sauce

  9. Sun Dec 24 05:01:19 2017

    30 responses is not an appropriate sample size to determine approval ratings. The results are not accurate for any and all factions involved and should be disregarded

  10. Wed Dec 20 23:05:08 2017
    SharpSerac posted in Word Association .

    fullmetal alchemist

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