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    Thu Oct 18 12:51:14 2018


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    Thu Oct 11 04:40:52 2018
    SharpSerac posted in Clown Sightings.

    It seems to have spread quite quickly and unexpectedly, we have our top investigators on the issue and we will give updates as time goes on. In the meantime please stay indoors and refrain from engaging in any "funny business."

  3. 2 months ago
    Thu Aug 2 20:58:24 2018

    @CraftyMyner The control panel was not meant to stop spamming chat, it was just to allow private tp requests. Only to be open in your browser to send a tp request, then closed again.

    Wasn't durected to you, just to r4 since he didn't see a problem with opening a browser so I gave him a legitimate issue people have with opening browsers

  4. Thu Aug 2 19:33:08 2018

    @R4iscool1 I really don't see the issue with opening a browser, it's hardly a specialist tool, nearly everyone has one and it provides a lot of functionality that would otherwise be unavailable and we will be able to add to it further. Nothing really impractical about that.

    Which is besides the point there is no alternative anyway other than chat which would ruin any chance of conversation.
    So unless you want to use a system like that then that's the way the system has to be.

    most browsers aren't very friendly with ram usage, meaning if you're on a lower end pc or laptop that could mean your game gets slowed significantly, which i can see being a problem for javon since he sometimes does play on a laptop and that could inconvenience him greatly with performance issues in game

  5. Wed Aug 1 21:47:19 2018
    SharpSerac posted in It’s been fun.

    o ok bye

  6. Fri Jul 27 08:47:50 2018
    SharpSerac posted in Best .home.

    .home kfc

  7. Fri Jul 27 06:03:22 2018
    SharpSerac posted in Best .home.

    .home fuckireallyhavetofart

  8. 3 months ago
    Thu Jul 19 21:08:06 2018
    SharpSerac started the conversation TPA Here.

    With the current system, you would need to have a forum account (and I have been informed, that account must be VIP as well) to be able to do a secret TPA. What I am suggesting is adding a tpahere command to request someone to teleport to you. This would allow people with alts to get them to a location without them being exposed to other players, as of right now your alt would need to have VIP to be protected.

    I believe this should be added both in game and on the control panel, for convenience

  9. Mon Jul 9 01:53:23 2018
    SharpSerac posted in Tour my barony.

    tomorrow or tuesday are best

  10. Sun Jul 8 20:18:50 2018
    SharpSerac posted in Tour my barony.

    I could make one for ya, shaders, 60fps, pro cinematics, le epic music, the whole 9 yards

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