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    Tue Apr 9 17:38:07 2019
    SharpSerac posted in CraftyChiron official reveal.

    @_Yul This whole thread seems hijacked, and now unfortunately ruined

    It's doge's fault tbh, deyahruhd is just spitting truth but he can't accept it

  2. Tue Apr 9 14:05:34 2019
    SharpSerac posted in CraftyChiron official reveal.

    @iDogeTwinkie I'm still here to read a bunch of bullshit and to just leave a comment like this.

    This is only because I don't feel like wasting time on someone who thinks he knows everything with his 2 year experience in pixel art. It just doesn't make any sense to me. You're talking like you got over 15 years of experience in it.

    I didn't read anything, I could already tell by a bunch of text that you're trying too hard.

    To wrap this up, enjoy your day.

    woah gatekeep much?

  3. 2 weeks ago
    Mon Apr 1 00:49:30 2019
    SharpSerac posted in Looking for a new faction.

    @_Yul Unfortunately, if true, I don't think anyone with common sense would have you. What are the reasons you were kicked?

    Not trying to be be nasty or anything, just speaking honestly

    Personal drama between me and someone else in there. They got extremely salty at me because I just wouldn't back down even though they were in the wrong. I ended up getting the boot because of mob mentality basically. That's all I really want to/should say on the matter. But yeah I understand no one would trust me, if someone wants me in though then that'd be great. Not trying to force myself anywhere, just trying to find a place to belong

  4. Sun Mar 31 21:46:14 2019
    SharpSerac started the conversation Looking for a new faction.

    Hey all, your friendly neighborhood SharpSerac here.

    Long story short, I was kicked out of team eye. I won't go into too many details surrounding it, but we're no longer on good terms. They've already moved bases and all their stuff so that I couldn't steal anything before announcing to me I was out. I'm looking for a strong faction that'll take me in, I have strong pvp and Redstone skills, so I'll make a very valuable addition to any team. I'll be wanting to get revenge on them, so if you want to help me get to them, that'd be great

  5. 4 weeks ago
    Tue Mar 19 20:47:14 2019
    SharpSerac posted in Team VoiD's Shop.

    @celeneandcambria actually, @SharpSerac i know _hallowed irl and he was very popular back in the day and people knew his tag voiD for as long as i can remember. he did have a real business and that tag followed him for years in my state/city. So i think it’s just a coincidence.

    i know the real VoiD irl and have met him many times, he was very popular back in the day and still is to this day. he's sponsored by Counter Logic Gaming, which is pretty huge in the world of esports. smash player void wins no contest

  6. Tue Mar 19 18:41:16 2019
    SharpSerac posted in Team VoiD's Shop.

    @_hallowed He seems to have started around mid 2012, i started using it around early 2012 to late 2011. I was first.

    nah you were second. no shame in that though! there is shame, however, in lying to not only yourself but to others as well

  7. 5 weeks ago
    Wed Mar 13 19:35:29 2019
    SharpSerac posted in Team VoiD's Shop.

    @_hallowed naw his a fraud, according to his wiki he started his career in 2015, I made my tag around 2011-2012

    career just means he was getting paid for it, he was first

  8. Tue Mar 12 21:30:17 2019
    SharpSerac posted in Team VoiD's Shop.

    @_hallowed He stole it from me ive used VoiD for 7-8ish years now

    Nah he was first

  9. Tue Mar 12 20:16:19 2019
    SharpSerac posted in Team VoiD's Shop.

    team VoiD? you stole the name of a smash bros competitor, capitalization and all xd

  10. 2 months ago
    Tue Jan 29 04:47:12 2019
    SharpSerac posted in Weird Dreams.

    i had a dream that one day team eye got raided but then i realized we're all-powerful and could never get raided. i then began to lucid dream and defeated thanos myself and made shaggy into my pet

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