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    Sun Nov 19 01:34:39 2017
    SharpSerac posted in The Rusing of NerdNation.

    @NerdieBirdieYT This is going to make it so much easier to compile into a video, phew! Also helps our timeline project we've been stalling on for a bit. Thanks!

    make sure you credit your source bucko xd. my twitter and youtube should be good enough @SharpSerac

  2. Sun Nov 19 01:21:08 2017
    SharpSerac started the conversation The Rusing of NerdNation.

    Alright fellas, this is a bit of a doozy so strap the fuck in and get ready to hear everything that's gone down between NerdNation and the wonderful and undefeated Team Eye. I guarantee you'll want some popcorn for this one.

    So back when Nerdie first joined the server I had sorta just ignored the kid, you know he's just some bk randy that no one knows so why bother wasting my time with him? Well he had started gaining more traction and getting more members, so why not just try messing with him a bit? Sometime in July we had basically set our sights on getting rid of NerdNation one way or another, simply because there was little to no other fun that could be had on the server at the time. What can you possible gain when you already have everything? As a result of our efforts, in late July both NerdNation bases were raided and griefed by us. We figured that they'd be gone for a while, but sooner or later they'd come back and we'd have to start the cleansing process over again.

    Fast forward, it's August 13th. NerdNation is having their second initiate event. Little do they know that we're hot on the trail, we know exactly where they're at and are preparing a strike. During the event, many of NerdNation's members were killed or trapped. @Cinder1195, @Sirchristopher10, and @alarmgv12 to name a few. Two very special people, however, were @JuraraJupiter and CathyComet. We had already begun talking friendly in CM chat, but I had started so as sort of a joke. During the raid on the mining event (in which we had gained a fair bit of resources and a beacon) these two were not killed. as a result we began the process of trapping them so that they couldn't just freely log in and such. They managed to escape with a few of their members dying to our swords in the end, so it was no big deal to us.

    August 27th was Nerdie's first live stream, and I believe a day before that we had found his main base (or someone else had and given us coords, not too sure) and unfortunately Nerdie had already moved out at the time. The kicker though was the fact that Nerdie had gone back there during his stream, which we had anticipated and were already on the move to his old base to kill him. I was successful in that, basically slapping Nerdie around on his own stream which was nice. This was also the day that the group chat with the two "Lovebirds" had begun, sparking what would be the greatest inside on CM. I actually can't remember why they started it with me, but it was probably the shifting point, thickening of the plot so to speak.

    September 6th! A nice late birthday present for myself when I found out that we had yet again gotten under NerdNation's skin! We had hit another one of their events, this time was the pig maze and parkour event. Lots of lives were lost, all in the great name of Team Eye! There's not much to this, but still worth mentioning to tell about how many times we royally (kek) fucked NerdNation over.

    Now, here's where that discord group with me and the Lovebirds gets interesting. We had already been poking lots of fun at Nerdie, they had acknowledged that he's sort of a stick in the sand. Very uptight about everything, and JuraraJupiter and CathyComet took to me, someone who could take and dish out his fair share of these jokes. We quickly became friends and talked a whole bunch in that group chat, poking fun of Nerdie, talking about life, and various other things (as well as lots of wholesome family memes). They would show me reactions to the things I had done on the server and the forums, which only fueled the flame and they knew it. We were actually coming up with things that I could say to really trigger him on the forums such as bragging about the dragon egg, saying we're the best faction etc etc. A lot of ideas were spitballed here and there, I'd go to them if I was thinking about making a post and all that. It was fun.

    September 23rd, NerdNation is having an event at Skull Mountain. I'd already been talking with Jurara and Cathy for some time now, we basically had grown closer to each other than they had to Nerdie at this point (imo) so I figured, why not cause a bit more turmoil which would benefit us both? I ask for the coords to Skull Mountain, and they so generously provided them. No one would suspect them, they were trusted members of NN, and there were many initiates there at the base. It was the perfect crime.

    So we made our way there with haste, I was all alone there for the start of it and made a mistake and was accidentally spotted, so I had to begin the slaughter all alone. I of course killed Jurara and Cathy to not arouse suspicion onto them. Many others were killed as well. Javon and iwarriiori came in shortly after I spammed them on discord, followed by Mindchronik and eventually darktyui. Some little birdies told us that NN was coming back for a second fight (wow!) so we stuck around for them to come right back to us and we'd get some more kills in. We were outnumbered but we still won, because after all Team Eye is the best faction. Nerdie ended up dying, after he logged on us (shocker) and that was the end of that.

    By this point I had a subtle influence within NN itself. I could manipulate them into thinking certain things, or even taking specific actions. With Skull Mountain destroyed, I waited for the perfect moment to give NN a nice push in the wrong direction. My opportunity came when @humfrydog was viewing a private conversation on the forums. I wanted them to believe that humfry had given the coords to me, so I quickly went into a private conversation of my own. When checking online players you would see this:

    Oh boy did they freak out. Accusations were being thrown back and forth between humfry and members of NN. This gave us tons of entertainment, relishing in the fact we'd caused internal turmoil in NN.

    At the time I had been talking about how great Team Eye is for a while, which really got under their skin at some points, especially after we got the good raids.

    As you can see, I'm pretty good at what I do. Gotta give me credit for that :^)

    For humfry's accusation against Nerdie, click here. It's worth the read, and all this happened because of my gentle pushing and prodding into certain directions.

    With Skull Mountain gone, this began the process of NN's reformation. "To purge the moles" was Nerdie's end goal. Well, this was still a win in our book, since we're basically forcing his hand and causing every member to get kicked so they went from an insane amount of members down to about 5.

    October 29th, Nerdie's second live stream event. I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to mess with him this time, but hoo boy I found the solution to that. This was my response to it. That one's a nice read as well, especially Dennari's reaction to it when it was realized. During my stream I had basically planned to tour a few bases, give some things to the poor, and due to rnc's generosity, give away an unobtainable admin head! A few bases were toured, a bit of fun had, and at the end of the day I do believe that the stream got to him, whether or not I was able to see his reaction. Oh, and we also griefed one of their enderman grinders, which was cool

    Now onto more recent events, Nerdie accidentally leaked his own coords without realizing it! Javon was the one who spotted his mistake when shown Nerdie's bragging to the members in his discord:

    So we made our way over there and this happened:

    Funnily enough, none of that armor was good, contrary to Nerdie saying it was.

    This basically concludes the history of the Rusing of NerdNation. The reason this classified info has come out now is because JuraraJupiter and CathyComet have recently been banned from the NN discord for drama. Apparently MoonMidnight has a strong dislike of me :^). This won't be the end, this is only the story thus far. There will be many more raids on NN in the future, just you wait!

    To end this off, here's a bunch of screenshots of various triggered NerdNation members. Consider it my magnum opus.

    Bonus! Nerdie tries to insinuate that I'm somehow a broken person with his 1 semester of high school psychology xd

    Another bonus! Nerdie tries to convert javon against us:
    (Javon is well treated and liked in Team Eye btw)

    That's all fellas! So now it's time for me to--

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    Fri Nov 17 03:14:15 2017
    SharpSerac posted in Join a faction?.

    @Sirchristopher10 Once Again Invite only.

    There are others though, ask around and you might get a good answer. You could even start your own faction :D

    but remember to be careful with who you trust. I personally don't trust most team eye members but it is up to you.



    yeah bucko?

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    Fri Nov 17 02:47:06 2017
    SharpSerac posted in Join a faction?.

    Try Nerdnation

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    Wed Nov 15 13:38:14 2017
    SharpSerac posted in 100million ticks giveaway .

    @MasaruCyri @MasaruCyri ! (Just joking, don't take it serious)

    it was said in the original post that you cannot nominate yourself, so this joke isn't even funny on your part xd

  6. Wed Nov 15 05:33:51 2017
    SharpSerac posted in Word Association .


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    Tue Nov 14 16:59:15 2017
    SharpSerac posted in Team Eye Mercenary Services.

    @Abbasilol Anyway, its lame mate, i hire for protection, i run out of time, i get raided by you, you`ll say, *Our service time was over mate ;)* , funny.

    you must not have read the post bucko, try again

  8. Tue Nov 14 05:46:26 2017
    SharpSerac posted in 100million ticks giveaway .

    i nominate @deyahruhd because he has no god sets and is a loyal member of nerd nation (hence why he doesn't have god sets, they are the poorest faction after all) that deserves a chance at not getting quick dropped because he wears iron armor!

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    Mon Nov 13 15:32:15 2017
    SharpSerac posted in The Almighty Armor Thread.

    @AttackTeam Why stick to the norm when you aren't always fighting or doing combat with others? as long as it can withstand some decent damage, and as long as you are well prepared for whatever hazards you are most succeptible to, any armor should suffice. Diamond God Armor makes a player too heavily dependent on it when they are exposed to scenarios with you being stripped down to nothing, ex. starting up a new survival world. Becoming too comfortable with something always gets the best of someone if it is too overpowering.

    That only happens when you aren't good at the game though, so it's not a problem for me or anyone else in team eye

  10. Mon Nov 13 14:23:39 2017
    SharpSerac posted in The Almighty Armor Thread.

    @Dennari43 You know what would fix that? Fire protection and Blast protection :)
    That exact thing happened to me after a long mining trip and I lost everything, god tools and armor, except for a random wooden button I had. After that, I always have at least one thing of fire and one thing of blast protection, just so I stand a chance.

    prot 4 god armor works better imo, why waste your time trying to get anything else?

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