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    Fri May 6 17:34:20 2016
    xarxez started the conversation Xarxez ban appeal.

    Name - xarxez

    Reason for ban - Multiple chat offenses

    Reason why xarxez should be unbanned - I started with joining the server and the second I joined I got TPed to spawn by some mod and then I got a error and couldn't join for a while and it pissed me off because I thought I got bugged because of the TP. After I joined again I got a coin and I was askin what it was used for and then joked about using it on strippers and got told to not say that and I stopped, but then a VIP member used it 4-5 times after that and for some reason I got kicked?! (never understood what I did because I used stripper once and then was quiet and it was the green guy ignoring the warning)

    Afterwards I joined again and asked what Cease and desist meant and a VIP+ member was telling me to get a dictionary because I asked and how fun is it when someone tells you that when english isnt even my main language? That is kinda disrespectful. Then the guy started telling me about his dictionary thing about his name and old name and something about cracked (I honestly dont know what cracked means,I only heard about the drug crack..) and I honestly thought he meant he was on crack when he said that (that he made the name when he was high on that) and I said "I thought you meant that rock you smoke" and it was pretty much because he pissed me off and I was wrong to do that and I am sorry. (even though I was not directly mentioning any drug so I get it it can easily be googled when I wrote rock that can be smoked)

    Though I actually just had one (multiple means 3+ right ? :P ) warning about the stripper part in my defence when it came to "multiple offenses" after I asked about the rock I just got a "bye xarxez" if im going to be honest. :P (also that it was against the rules to mention drugs) if I now understand it right that I got banned from what I did under that time. If it was in total it might be true as I got kicked for talking politics and something else too some time ago. ^^

    Hope you can unban me because it would suck to lose all my work and also I think you guys should try to use the rules fair and not look extra hard on normal members. (thinkin about how the VIP guy seemed to go unpunished for writing something that mod warned about 4 times after warning and havin a vip+ member being rude to other players for not having english as main language?)

    And Nysic if its you who judge this, I call you god because you litteraly are a god on server because you got the magic to make me cease to exist and you helped me get home so I just say that because you were nice to me so please dont look hard on me for calling you god. :(

    Edit: might been kicked because of caps or atleast got warned about it so I guess thats what the ban means with multiple warnings

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