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    Sat Jun 8 03:32:55 2019
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  2. Wed Apr 10 17:12:02 2019
    JuraraJupiter posted in Looking for a new faction.

    I'll preorder my newly reinstated meme conversation.

  3. Mon Apr 1 19:35:39 2019
    JuraraJupiter posted in Looking for a new faction.

    You could join Jurania, considering I've entirely abandoned it and all you really have the skills to lead is a dead faction with no members besides yourself.

    okay that was too mean. sharpy bab we love you and your refusal to be nice. start your own faction, call it... "sharp's swords n' more!" and people will come and buy out your entire stock of wooden hoes.

  4. Tue Jan 29 07:03:53 2019
    JuraraJupiter posted in Weird Dreams.

    Are you sure that wasn't just a fanfic you made up to get off to?

  5. Fri Jan 11 00:12:19 2019
    JuraraJupiter posted in Long time.

    hijacking this thread to say @Fingerbib is cool

  6. Sun Dec 30 04:21:06 2018
    JuraraJupiter posted in Jurania: Apply Here!.

    @HaloNest You're in, welcome! Unfortunately, one of our requirements is that you are able to log into the server, but unfortunately also, if you are able to log in, you will no longer be special as being banned is the reason you have any notoriety.

    So, once again, welcome! But if you log in you will be immediately kicked from the faction. Glad to have you! <3

  7. 4 years ago
    Tue Nov 20 03:29:37 2018

    classic meme

  8. Mon Nov 19 06:17:40 2018
    JuraraJupiter posted in Jurania: Apply Here!.

    @Cankicker8 Welcome to Jurania, lad.

  9. Mon Nov 19 04:55:49 2018
    JuraraJupiter posted in Jurania: Apply Here!.

    good meme

  10. Mon Nov 19 03:04:25 2018
    JuraraJupiter started the conversation Jurania: Apply Here!.


    Jurania is a new faction focused mainly on peaceful collaboration, but anything goes! We'll do anything from massive underground farms and art, to raids and anything competitive. We want to build a community of players looking to build moderately pretty things, and just have fun. We've just started so if you'd like to help shape the future of the faction, join today!

    We just need to know a few things:
    How long have you been on CraftyMynes? Tell us if you've been here for years, just rejoined after a while, or just started!
    What are your strengths? I.E. Building, redstone, PvP, resource gathering, etc.
    What are your weaknesses?
    Are you currently in a faction? If so, which one?
    What is your age?
    How often are you online?
    What is your favorite thing to do in Minecraft?

    That's it! Just reply to this post answering all of these questions and you'll be considered to become a member of Jurania!

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