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    Thu Nov 8 10:10:48 2018
    otakuinalaska started the conversation OtakuInAlaska's Staff Application.

    In Game Name: OtakuInAlaska

    Age: 50

    Time Zone: Alaska, USA

    Strengths: I am consistantly on, it seems anytime I am not at work or sleeping.
    I am friendly and cheerful with a sense of humor and really enjoy this community and
    would like to see it's continual growth through new players (and old) enjoying the most
    optimal and pleasurable experience we can offer. If i know an answer, or can help someone,
    I do my best to help them. I personally do not raid/grief, or pvp, and am very trustworthy (
    sometimes too trusting of others).

    Weaknesses: I have been away for 2 years, as a result I may not be familiar with many of the technical
    issues with the updates.

    Why you are Applying: I am applying for a "helper" position. I really enjoy teaching as much as I do learning.
    I am very eager to help those that are in need if I can, be it in verbal or action form. The only difference between
    what I do now and what I believe a "helper" would be is a title. If I do not receive a favorable decision, that is fine,
    I will continue to do my best to help those that I can just as I have, but a "Title" sure would look good too.

    Time Played on CraftyMynes (ticks): 5874253

    Custom Note: I realize my tick count may seem low. However, I had accumulated many many hours of ticks on the
    previous map in 2016, unfortunately they were not saved. Also, the ticks you see have been accumulated in only
    about 2 weeks. I vote regularly (I believe I have voted the most or earliest for November thus far).
    Thank you for reviewing this application.
    ~OtakuInAlaska (Ota as some may call me)


  2. Sat Oct 27 15:54:00 2018
    otakuinalaska posted in Word Association.


  3. 3 months ago
    Tue Oct 23 17:16:54 2018
    otakuinalaska posted in I'm back, but can't play.

    I really missed this... wait, this isn't what it was... it's even Better! Glad to be back!

  4. Mon Oct 22 16:14:17 2018
    otakuinalaska started the conversation I'm back, but can't play.

    I have been listed as a "missing person" in the forums since mid 2016. I'm Back! how long before the server catches up to 1.13.2? I know it just updated today and I can't get on.

  5. 2 years ago
    Sun Jun 12 19:10:25 2016
    otakuinalaska posted in Newbie reporting in!.

    I just felt like being noticed... and as my good friend the Raven stated, we are all definitely a bit mental. Hello. Caw!

  6. Sun Jun 12 19:06:12 2016
    otakuinalaska posted in HAPPY B-DAY CRAFTY.

    I know I'm late, but Happy Birthday Crafty! I'd say more, but i'm sure you get it, we all appreciate all you've done for us, hopefully we can repay our debt of gratitude.

  7. Fri Jun 10 19:04:36 2016
    otakuinalaska started the conversation Server down?.

    I just got logged off and am not sure why. Anybody else having this issue? Also, it took me almost 15 minutes and relogging over 11 times to get the tp to spawn/home work from the book. Maybe it's just lag, or is my system going haywire?

  8. Thu Jun 9 16:25:03 2016
    otakuinalaska posted in What are you listening to?.

    Thanks for that. I had seen (and loved) the touhou version of the vid too, but had not seen/heard the english by Christina Vee. I can't say I'm surprised considering how many anime I've seen with her as the starring role/voice actor.

  9. Thu Jun 9 09:15:09 2016
    otakuinalaska posted in What are you listening to?.

    I seriously doubt anyone really knows any of the groups I listen to as they are all KPOP (Korean Pop Music).

    But i would also like to add "Miku & Teto - Bad Apple" as one of my favorites.
    Funny, I'm a DJ on Hard Rock and Country stations as well as a talk show host on a Talk Radio station, yet I don't listen to American music.

    If you are interested in KPOP or want some suggestions, lemme know.

  10. Wed Jun 8 16:18:17 2016
    otakuinalaska posted in New leadership #3.

    This faction not only had a plethora of problems including, residents stealing & griefing constantly + being raided at 4 different locations.

    I think the only other time i've seen/heard the word plethora used was in three amigos.

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