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  1. last year
    Sat Jan 29 20:32:43 2022
    Aquafyna started the conversation VIP+ HUNT.
    • Go .wild
    • Find a cave
    • Go down
    • Find my chest
    • Find my lapis
    • Show me
    • Get VIP+

    Hint: ( + , _ , + )

  2. Sat Jan 29 18:50:05 2022
    Aquafyna posted in Team Eye 1.18 Application.

    IGN: KatcheD

    Age: 21

    When did you first join CraftyMynes?: 2014

    What is your tick count?: 0

    What is your rank on CM?: VIP

    How experienced are you in raiding and/or PVP?: Yes

    How do you like to play the game?: Chillin.

    Tell us about yourself (anything you'd like us to know, or general information about hobbies etc.):
    Just chillen.

    What do you like about Team Eye? (At least 50 words, no more than 150):
    They be chillen.

    Why do you want to join? (At least 50 words, no more than 150):
    To chill.

    What do you bring to the table? (At least 100 words, no more than 200):
    I'm chill, yk.

  3. 3 years ago
    Thu Apr 9 07:49:44 2020
    Aquafyna started the conversation Fresh Start.

    Anyone wanna have a fresh start together?

  4. 6 years ago
    Wed May 3 23:46:11 2017
    Aquafyna posted in sos.

    @humfrydog I agree you need to tell them, If you are really scared tell them somewhere in public or with other parents or grandparents around to curb physical violence.

    "Tell them somewhere in public"
    My parents would have still beat my ass. Actually, they did it once in public.

  5. Tue May 2 01:52:38 2017
    Aquafyna posted in Drex's Return.

    You're a noob. Admit it!

  6. Sun Apr 23 04:26:37 2017
    Aquafyna posted in Bye.

    @ghostassasin81 Well true
    On a separate note
    I will have no time at all the next few years to do anything because I'm doing volunteer work and getting a job to do after school

    You're a good man! Volunteer works are really fun; they help you make new friends too.

  7. Sun Apr 23 02:30:29 2017
    Aquafyna posted in Bye.

    @ghostassasin81 I have stuff coming up this summer and have high school with college classes

    AP Classes are easy ghost. No need to really study or put your attention into them.

  8. Tue Apr 18 01:12:02 2017
    Aquafyna posted in Story 2.0.

    He was able to conquer it

  9. Tue Apr 18 00:22:12 2017
    Aquafyna posted in Story 2.0.

    Retrochewy became a huge monster

  10. Sat Apr 15 23:45:28 2017
    Aquafyna posted in Easter Egg hunt.

    So you will be dropping the items?
    If so, what will you be doing with the 5-minute clear?

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