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  1. 3 hours ago
    Tue Oct 24 07:31:36 2017
    2Chill posted in The King always wins....

    @iwarriiori Peep the Fuck iwarriiori sign in the back, courtesy of @R4iscool1 xd.

    wrong bud it says fuck iwarriori whoever that is hahaha

  2. Tue Oct 24 07:30:36 2017
    2Chill posted in The King always wins....

    @RockinRicky2 Love the sign at the back

    that sign i made it originally said fuck bron bron xd

  3. 6 days ago
    Tue Oct 17 23:34:12 2017

    @HaloNest ell, not every banner has some lore behind it, maybe it's just a normal banner that some

    random folk made



  4. last week
    Wed Oct 11 18:12:24 2017
    2Chill posted in The Hunt Is On. [Contest].


    He sniffed it out faster than expected it was hidden in a dropper on bottom of the ocean cruise ship


  5. Wed Oct 11 17:54:35 2017

    Just purchased 60 more stacks of concrete and some other stuff during humfry's online special sale !
    good and fast service thanks :D

  6. Wed Oct 11 17:51:08 2017
    2Chill started the conversation The Hunt Is On. [Contest].

    Greetings MyneCraftlings ,
    Today the hunt is on , there is a piece of paper somewhere in spawn(could be anywhere where you get resistance effect) (OVERWORLD ONLY) that belongs to me , bring me this piece of paper (only i know what this paper says ) and i will reward you with this.

    **************It is one piece of paper that i custom named !***********



  7. Wed Oct 11 16:17:50 2017
    2Chill started the conversation Beacons..

    Buying atleast 5 beacons

  8. 2 weeks ago
    Sat Oct 7 07:26:28 2017
    2Chill posted in Jams__'s Ban Appeal.

    Hello , You have been pardoned , welcome back to the server.
    Please in the future be more careful , and make sure to follow the rules !

  9. Sat Oct 7 06:52:08 2017

    Orion , celeste , jasmine

  10. Thu Oct 5 15:43:01 2017
    2Chill posted in So Today's My Birthday.

    happy b-day

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