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    Tue Jul 10 08:32:43 2018
    2Chill posted in The future of CraftyMynes!.

    @Rybye welcome back

  2. Tue Jul 10 08:29:50 2018
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    Mon Jul 2 18:33:47 2018
    2Chill posted in Qfu's renovation services.

    Chicago music with clean audio no swearing , its just not music at that point ;/
    p.s. check out wooski computers remix and fbg duck slide.

  4. Mon Jul 2 18:31:00 2018
    2Chill posted in The future of CraftyMynes!.

    shocked - forgot the giant XD -

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    Sun Jun 10 04:47:23 2018
    2Chill posted in Hi Guys, Long time no see!.

    @Blackfish_ see you in very soon! :D


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    Mon Feb 26 23:30:13 2018
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    Tue Feb 13 02:32:09 2018
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    @CraftyMyner For the last 3 and a half years, I have been creating a backend that should, in theory, run its self so that I could focus on the game and community. While it has not been easy with all the curve balls I have been thrown, we are getting closer. The panel is truly a wonderful invention and a worthwhile investment of both time and money, without it we would likely not be here.

    Yes much much time .
    without it we would likely not be here. [Upvote]

  8. Sun Feb 11 14:45:26 2018
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    Fri Dec 15 08:22:54 2017
    2Chill posted in Net Neutrality.

    Strange comment , but fuck it reminds me of the metallica , and napster bs lmao

  10. Thu Dec 14 07:53:31 2017

    @_Haxington_ The tattoo part was a joke.

    wot m8 ?





    2. I don't know what to say on that one other than this: Whenever I see TE raid, they are always equipped with God Armor/weapons, Every Type of Potion, Totems of Undying, and Ender Pearls. While there has to be some kind of skill factor involved, I am skeptical about how much of your victories are based on skill and how much of it is based off of being prepared to fight and the resources you have. On a raiding server, the rules restricting pvp are minimal. So it is unclear if TE's PvP skills are actually fair. We may never know for sure...

    i think being equipped and ready for anything is a big part of being successful in pvp, as with anything practice and preparation play a big factor, resources fall under being prepared stay lowkey until you are ready , well there's no rule against combat logging lol so depends on what you mean fair , we may agree .

    i don't know about everyone but as far as actives go 1v1
    iwarriori #1 ez hands down .
    qfu and stonewarrior prob both in top 5
    not really active but shvex is prob in top 5 also
    but i haven't seen everyone pvp so list isnt actually 100% accurate .
    (i think a pvp challenge thread would be lit )

    is that Italian i love Italian food !

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