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    Thu Oct 18 00:49:26 2018
    2Chill posted in Clown Sightings.

    down with the clown .

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    Tue Oct 2 13:29:30 2018
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    Tue Sep 11 23:26:31 2018
    2Chill posted in The Rig Thread.

    @CraftyMyner @galaxyidol Thats pretty sick, you bend all that yourself?

    Here is my home server setup before/after:





    Not done yet, waiting on new fiber modem and proper rack, then I will clean up the rest of the cabling.

    Server: Dell PowerEdge 2950 III: 10tb storage array, VMs, Plex, Networking.

    Network: Unifi USG, 2x AP-AC-Pro, 2x SW-8-60w

    Battery and generator-backed power.

    Fully automated smart bedroom with Philips hue lighting and "alarm system" (logs entry and manages lights and temperature)

    Whole house Sonos sound system.

    Thought I would throw in a bit of what I do for work.



    He was showing me this awhile ago and I was like dude no way you did that no way , not craftymyner the wire management (cause hes such a perfectionist with everything) then he skype video called me and showed me the after and I was like ok that's more like it .lmao p.s. don't look under his desk in his room , if I disappear after this post crafty did it!!!

  6. 3 months ago
    Tue Jul 10 08:32:43 2018
    2Chill posted in The future of CraftyMynes!.

    @Rybye welcome back

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  8. Mon Jul 2 18:33:47 2018
    2Chill posted in Qfu's renovation services.

    Chicago music with clean audio no swearing , its just not music at that point ;/
    p.s. check out wooski computers remix and fbg duck slide.

  9. Mon Jul 2 18:31:00 2018
    2Chill posted in The future of CraftyMynes!.

    shocked - forgot the giant XD -

  10. 4 months ago
    Sun Jun 10 04:47:23 2018
    2Chill posted in Hi Guys, Long time no see!.

    @Blackfish_ see you in very soon! :D


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