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  1. 5 weeks ago
    Fri Dec 15 08:22:54 2017
    2Chill posted in Net Neutrality.

    Strange comment , but fuck it reminds me of the metallica , and napster bs lmao

  2. Thu Dec 14 07:53:31 2017

    @_Haxington_ The tattoo part was a joke.

    wot m8 ?





    2. I don't know what to say on that one other than this: Whenever I see TE raid, they are always equipped with God Armor/weapons, Every Type of Potion, Totems of Undying, and Ender Pearls. While there has to be some kind of skill factor involved, I am skeptical about how much of your victories are based on skill and how much of it is based off of being prepared to fight and the resources you have. On a raiding server, the rules restricting pvp are minimal. So it is unclear if TE's PvP skills are actually fair. We may never know for sure...

    i think being equipped and ready for anything is a big part of being successful in pvp, as with anything practice and preparation play a big factor, resources fall under being prepared stay lowkey until you are ready , well there's no rule against combat logging lol so depends on what you mean fair , we may agree .

    i don't know about everyone but as far as actives go 1v1
    iwarriori #1 ez hands down .
    qfu and stonewarrior prob both in top 5
    not really active but shvex is prob in top 5 also
    but i haven't seen everyone pvp so list isnt actually 100% accurate .
    (i think a pvp challenge thread would be lit )

    is that Italian i love Italian food !

  3. 6 weeks ago
    Wed Dec 6 23:22:04 2017
    2Chill posted in fly_mouse's Ban Appeal.

    Hello , i appreciate your honesty in your appeal , however a ban for hacking/cheating is perm .

  4. 7 weeks ago
    Sun Dec 3 07:05:13 2017
    2Chill posted in Net Neutrality.

    @humfrydog We Americans need this also. greedy corporations and there minions are pushing to take away our net neutrality so they can charge us more for less. its crap and it should be considered a public utility along with be governed by free speech. twitter, google and youtube are all censoring what we see based on their personal politcis ad views, But we are supposed to be the land of the free and brave with freedom of speech and news without censorship or propaganda.

    Claps , best thing i seen on this thread you are dead on sir .

  5. 2 months ago
    Fri Nov 3 05:09:22 2017

    nice , constantly on the move with additions!

  6. Fri Nov 3 05:01:05 2017

    @deyahruhd -image-

    With the maze now closed, it is impossible for anyone to try to beat my no speed potions/no milk/no cheese speedrun of the maze . Shame, because I definitely feel like I can correct some of the stupid mistakes I made, but I digress.

    Add that as yet another one of the countless accomplishments that Team Eye has done, and remember to praise King SharpSerac.

    Nice ,never got a chance to run it personally but seems you really learned it like the back of your hand .

  7. Fri Nov 3 04:56:26 2017

    @NerdieBirdieYT -image-

    I'm sure others will completely put me to shame with incredible builds, but here's my mediocre custom portal on the server. (:

    not gunna lie kind of thought it was parkour at first

  8. Sun Oct 29 06:56:21 2017

    @NerdieBirdieYT As of yesterday (October 21), NerdNation is 6 months old!

    I can't believe how much fun these six months have been. While NN hasn't been around as long as the old factions on CM, it has certainly stood the test of time and become one of the major factions on the server. We have experienced an unfortunate amount of drama, insiders, threats, and betrayals, but have managed to come out on top. With the recent faction reset, I believe we are entering into a time where the faction is better than ever in terms of safety, and thus every other aspect of the faction (events, builds, bases, projects, etc) will be vastly improved. With our mole finally gone, NN will reach heights unattainable before this point.

    I have had the opportunity to meet so many new people through this group. It's really been incredible how many amazing friendships have been created and fostered within the game of Minecraft, and outside it in our Discord. Regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender, etc, I have pushed my personal limitations and shoved aside my social anxiety in order to talk with people I would never have met if not for NN. I thank everyone who has ever been a member of our faction.

    I can't wait to see what the next 6 months will bring as NerdNation finally rids itself of our long-lasting insider and is able to build and plan freely again. From here on out we have the opportunity to build better, not only in terms of blocks, but also in our relationships with each other.

    Here's to the months ahead!

    It is always nice to see factions on craftymynes that last, they normally come and go pretty quickly for a number of reasons or never even really get off the ground , it is always nice and healthy for servers to have active factions(unofficial or not) imo as it brings another aspect of the game to the table , i am pretty sure NN is appreciated here and respected for still being here considering the adversity it has faced even though all won't admit it but somewhere I am sure they feel the same, as it can be a bit boring for factions when others are inactive or disband leaving no competition on a faction level at all . So congrats on the six months NN and continue flying through another six.

  9. 3 months ago
    Tue Oct 24 07:31:36 2017
    2Chill posted in The King always wins....

    @iwarriiori Peep the Fuck iwarriiori sign in the back, courtesy of @R4iscool1 xd.

    wrong bud it says fuck iwarriori whoever that is hahaha

  10. Tue Oct 24 07:30:36 2017
    2Chill posted in The King always wins....

    @RockinRicky2 Love the sign at the back

    that sign i made it originally said fuck bron bron xd

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