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  1. last year
    Mon Dec 31 09:34:03 2018
    2Chill posted in ban appeal.

    Hello thanks for the apology and hope you avoid future incidents , you don't have to be kind to everyone just try to be respectful and play by the rules ,Dejean the fishing rod guy cool i know him.

    You have been pardoned since this was awhile ago when you were banned 2018/11/11 .

  2. Thu Nov 29 23:51:01 2018

    @iDogeTwinkie You stole them, didn't you?

    No sir i doge have any clue what happened !

  3. Thu Nov 29 18:31:46 2018

    @iDogeTwinkie Why the fuck my skin doesn't have eyes?

    i doge no why it doesn't have eyes o.O

  4. Wed Nov 28 22:19:15 2018

    never be to trusting , letting people get close can be dangerous .

    Rising phoenix does sound pretty cool hm, what a creative thought deya.

  5. Tue Nov 27 04:52:01 2018
    2Chill posted in RAVEN FACE REVEAL!!!!!.

    @Tez1010 My homage to you on an earlier map. Nostalgia. Destroyed by Flux!

    rip snake

  6. Mon Nov 26 20:57:28 2018
    2Chill posted in Clowntasia.


    On the Carousel

  7. Mon Nov 26 16:38:39 2018
    2Chill posted in lonewolf720's Ban Appeal.

    Hello, I am the administrator who swung down the proverbial gavel on you, see here at CraftyMynes we always take the use of x-ray or any type of cheating/hacking very seriously, so note evidence that was obtained earlier in the day was processed and thoroughly reviewed/evaluated by multiple staff after a very short deliberation it was agreed upon you were indeed cheating/hacking , the items you fore-mentioned had tainted items in them placed there by you, namely diamonds that you had gotten by use of downloaded assistance to illegitimately acquire and not the use of good old fashioned hard work and luck of the swing.Therefore these were swiftly removed before they could be dispersed in any fashion, keep in mind no damage was done to the residence you were at the time. I am sorry about your friend hitting you, friends should not physically harm each other no matter how heated the situation or altercation may be, I do hope in the future you two can work out your differences in a safe mature peaceful manner, however with that being said bans for cheating/hacking result in a permanent ban here at CraftyMynes , best of luck to you elsewhere.

  8. Sun Nov 4 20:33:40 2018
    2Chill posted in Whos been looting us?.

    Also you could always make a base in the nether or the end if you like more of a challenge , i personally feel the nether is the ultimate secure base beneath the bedrock roof ofcourse i could go into detail why but rather not give any ideas for reasons (erased cause that was even to much most likely #mysterious) , but yeah . live long and prosper.


  9. Sun Nov 4 20:25:54 2018
    2Chill posted in CraftyCrate.

    I remember awhile ago i think it was crafty that was on teamspeak with me and i was showing him one of your old crate videos and we thought it was good a cool unboxing idea for ingame item and had some funny content because of your honesty about some of the items , that was so long ago now. It seems if i remember correct there was a line you had about the flowers in the craftycrate from one of the first videos back in early 2017 , you were like "hm flowers that have been named hm i dont understand do people get excited about this , should i be excited about this, i mean flowers that have been named i could do that myself, leave me a comment if u get it , maybe i should name flowers and just throw them around spawn and everyone will get happy ?" < more less just paraphrasing but it was good funny content because it wasn't forced or done just to be rude it was just funny ,plus its good for people who are interested in what a craftycrate is but hasnt been on the server long ,or donated before and wanted to know before donating,so thanks for doing these appreciate the time you put into making the videos, stay funny :D. Oh and don't forget neverdigup !

  10. Sun Nov 4 20:01:06 2018
    2Chill posted in What are you listening to?.


    sad this section died , but its still the best section for music posting so it's not necroing/shitposting technically hehexd.

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