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    Sat Jul 21 16:31:53 2018
    Qfu posted in The Selfie Thread!!.

    @jamlbon Well I'm back nerds and gayer than ever.
    Also @Cileklim I promised ya lol

    holy shit is ther you 6ix9ine

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    Thu Jul 19 11:00:59 2018
    Qfu started the conversation Qfu appeal.

    IGN: Qfu

    Reason for ban: Not reporting a 'dupe stash'

    Why I should be unbanned: Personally I've known G.Cookie for sometime, on one day he had randomly PM'd me speaking of his potential dupe stash, and as said before- I did not pick up the offer for the coordinates, as I didn't want to get myself involved as I've been playing on CraftyMynes for a very long time- and I didn't want to risk it all. However, one day I was called upon by Carl- in which between our casual conversation I mentioned that G.Cookie had a dupe stash (note: Haven't attempted to touch or go near it), it was more of a rant that Cookie was speaking to me during that day, not a "Hey wanna check this dupe stash out?". However Carl was interested to see if it were to apparently be a dupe stash, in-which I told him not to risk going near it, though when he went for his journey and found nothing- I wasn't sure of what to do, either way he was caught- but I just didn't want to snitch on a friend.

    This is the part of my appeal, for not informing staff that Carl and Golden had been indulging in these, as I kept it quiet in the need of not selling my friends out. However, I do very much so believe that I am theoretically wrong under the rules of the server, and I do apologize for not giving the staff a heads up- and I regret not doing so- and will be sure to not repeat this incident.


  3. Thu Jul 19 07:49:12 2018

    Literally just that

  4. Thu Jul 19 07:40:37 2018

    How much for something small, my pepe pixel art?

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    Wed Jul 18 09:14:54 2018
    Qfu started the conversation Final view (CraftyMynes Spawn).

    Just a quickie I made with free team, for all which want to see the 'old' spawn before it's gone, not much edits- fairly raw.
    Ignore choppy movements, Video may be a lil' cheesy- just a warning!, nuffin' special.

    Thanks to everyone for making it a fun few years ^_^
    @iwarriiori @darktyui for the PvP
    and everyone else for the chats, and all-round fun.

    See you next map!

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    Sun Jul 15 18:12:55 2018
    Qfu posted in Word Association.


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    Sun Jul 15 14:39:38 2018

    Long time no see, glad you're back :)

  9. Sun Jul 15 14:35:03 2018

    Look who it is oo

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    Fri Jul 13 23:55:01 2018
    Qfu posted in EOTW PVP Fun.

    This shall be fun, I’ll bring some friends along

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