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    Sat Aug 17 04:34:11 2019
    Qfu posted in Project Nivis.


  2. 5 months ago
    Fri Mar 22 11:35:51 2019
    Qfu posted in New arenas.


  3. Sat Feb 23 10:42:35 2019

    @iwarriiori Only void death I'll accept is from Azrad.

    Make it happen

  4. 8 months ago
    Sat Dec 8 12:34:15 2018

    Hoping to see a gift from you to me, Tez !

  5. Sun Dec 2 12:30:37 2018
    Qfu started the conversation Qfu- Discord appeal.

    IGN: Qfu#7067
    Reason: Making fun of JJ

    Why I should be pardoned: I sincerely apologize for provoking JJ, and will refrain from such actions in the future.

    (Nothing else to say) :)

  6. 11 months ago
    Mon Sep 17 05:55:30 2018
    Qfu posted in skidaddle skidoodle.


  7. Mon Sep 17 05:54:27 2018
    Qfu posted in Rest easy Baxi.

    Awww, had to put my 13y/o black German shepherd to sleep after her cancer was worsening. RIP Baxi ):

  8. last year
    Mon Jul 23 13:57:50 2018
    Qfu posted in Scamming.

    @Tez1010 Can i just clear some things up. As i see it:

    On the last map there had been no need for a ruling as we had the trade post which brought sanity to trading with others by protecting trades there. In the absence of the trading post on this map there was some confusion as to whether scamming was allowed in spawn and two people got different rulings in good faith causing the misunderstanding that happened.

    Crafty made a ruling this morning to help sort this out and the rules were updated accordingly so from now until the trade post is up scamming in spawn is illegal.

    Never-the-less be careful who you trade with.

    However to those considering scamming, your reputation is your most valuable asset on Crafty Mynes, so think very carefully before risking losing it! Ten minutes gain may lose you trust for a very great deal longer.

    Well said! :)

  9. Sat Jul 21 16:31:53 2018
    Qfu posted in The Selfie Thread!!.

    @jamlbon Well I'm back nerds and gayer than ever.
    Also @Cileklim I promised ya lol

    holy shit is ther you 6ix9ine

  10. Thu Jul 19 11:00:59 2018
    Qfu started the conversation Qfu appeal.

    IGN: Qfu

    Reason for ban: Not reporting a 'dupe stash'

    Why I should be unbanned: Personally I've known G.Cookie for sometime, on one day he had randomly PM'd me speaking of his potential dupe stash, and as said before- I did not pick up the offer for the coordinates, as I didn't want to get myself involved as I've been playing on CraftyMynes for a very long time- and I didn't want to risk it all. However, one day I was called upon by Carl- in which between our casual conversation I mentioned that G.Cookie had a dupe stash (note: Haven't attempted to touch or go near it), it was more of a rant that Cookie was speaking to me during that day, not a "Hey wanna check this dupe stash out?". However Carl was interested to see if it were to apparently be a dupe stash, in-which I told him not to risk going near it, though when he went for his journey and found nothing- I wasn't sure of what to do, either way he was caught- but I just didn't want to snitch on a friend.

    This is the part of my appeal, for not informing staff that Carl and Golden had been indulging in these, as I kept it quiet in the need of not selling my friends out. However, I do very much so believe that I am theoretically wrong under the rules of the server, and I do apologize for not giving the staff a heads up- and I regret not doing so- and will be sure to not repeat this incident.


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