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  1. yesterday
    Wed Mar 21 06:04:07 2018

    @NerdieBirdieYT @MizoreShirayuki Just saw you got Mod, congrats!

    Thx my dood

    @Heat_of_the_cold I'm buying:
    Full God Armor
    God Sword (no KB)
    God bow (mending)
    God Pickaxe (Fortune 3)

    Good lordie have to buy all this for someone else :/

    Order ready for Pick-up!

  2. 3 days ago
    Mon Mar 19 04:47:00 2018
    CraftyMyner changed MizoreShirayuki's group to .
  3. 4 days ago
    Sun Mar 18 06:28:05 2018

    @MaggiAusDaKann You sell the books ?
    If yes i want to buy 15 silk touch books 5 fortune books 10 sharpness 5 books and 10 looting 3 books
    10 prot 4 books

    Order Ready for pick up! Value of this transaction would be 145 Diamonds, but your price will be 140 Diamonds! Savings my dood!

  4. Sun Mar 18 04:33:20 2018

    @AttackTeam I'll buy a god sword with knockback and flame infinity (no mending) god bow

    Order Ready For pick up!

  5. Sun Mar 18 04:17:43 2018

    @Djscales101 ill buy 2 god shields

    Order Ready for pick up!

  6. 5 days ago
    Sat Mar 17 17:52:04 2018
    MizoreShirayuki posted in Shop Question.

    If you want your shop to do well without much hassle, look at selling things that other people aren't in their shops - even if it's just common blocks like dirt / sand in large qty. You'd be amazed what people will buy once you say you have it for sale, lol.

    As soon as you start selling something that other people are, you need to consistently stay competitive in terms of pricing / availability, and it can be quite a headache. If you maintain a (mostly) unique inventory, you'll have a much easier time.

    That being said, if you want to get into selling blocks, I'd take a look at what Humfry has available, and try to fill in the blanks with what he doesn't offer. It gives people a reason to shop specifically with you. If you do want to sell what he sells you'll need to make sure your pricing is competitive, or else offer other incentives like giveaways, reduced bulk pricing, etc.

    Do some looking around at other current running shops before you make yours to get a good Idea for pricing and formatting ( You could just steal my formatting like 20 other shops did back in 1.9, lol )

  7. Sat Mar 17 07:45:09 2018

    @Cileklim Buying

    5 god swords,
    5 god shields,
    5 god bows,
    5 god picks,
    5 god axes,
    5 god shovels,
    5 player heads,
    10 mending books

    Need them as soon as possible.

    Order is ready for pick-up. Regular price would've been 369 Diamonds, but due to order size, your cost will be 350 Diamonds! Dem Savings tho :P

  8. last week
    Thu Mar 15 16:31:20 2018
    MizoreShirayuki posted in CraftyCrate.

    Can confirm triple chest glitch works by using the command to place the crafty crate below you next to a double regular chest. Made for some fun times in our base, lol.

  9. 2 weeks ago
    Tue Mar 6 05:06:47 2018

    Polar Bear Egg Back up for grabs!

  10. Tue Mar 6 04:59:55 2018

    @GoldenCookie420 Ill buy 1 dragon head, one god set with vanishing, and one god sword with vanishing, one god fishing rod with vanishing and gos boota with frost walker 2 and vanishing c:

    Order is ready for pick up!

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