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  1. 2 days ago
    Fri May 18 03:04:33 2018


  2. 3 days ago
    Fri May 18 02:46:25 2018

    Oh Shit We Back Fam!~

    Order Up!

  3. last week
    Wed May 9 06:19:18 2018

    @GrandpaCarl00 Yes

    Orders Filled and ready to go! Pick up before EOD tomrrow to be entered for this weeks spawn egg draw!!!

  4. 4 weeks ago
    Sat Apr 21 21:43:38 2018
    MizoreShirayuki posted in iwarriiori's renovation services.

    TFW no SC pics yet. :/

  5. Fri Apr 20 08:44:02 2018

    @Fingerbib do u want my 4 stacks of emeralds

    Yeah for sure, just hit us up next time we're on

  6. Fri Apr 20 04:42:12 2018

    Bump, Keep em coming my doods.

  7. Fri Apr 20 04:39:25 2018

    @AttackTeam wait, how did this happen twice? @MizoreShirayuki @PapaNeon

    I put every entrant into an RNG selector. You just got lucky enough to be picked two weeks in a row, lol

  8. Fri Apr 20 04:38:04 2018

    @OtherGreenGamer Due to my source of emeralds being destroyed by myself (for various reasons) my shop will be closing for the foreseeable future.


    Nah but feels bad man. Hope you get up and running again some day :/

  9. Fri Apr 20 04:34:54 2018
    MizoreShirayuki posted in Tables In the Forum.

    You can draft something up in paint, just like you did, and if you're skilled enough, make it look really nice too.

  10. Thu Apr 19 08:28:58 2018

    Congrats to @AttackTeam for winning this weeks give-away! Feel free to collect you helmet from us at anytime!~

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