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  1. 2 weeks ago
    Fri May 12 17:45:10 2023
    Th3GreenGamer posted in Mob Frozen.

    It's likely a remnant of an older system we had in place to help prevent lag. I'll shoot a message to the people that know what they're doing with commands.

  2. 8 weeks ago
    Wed Mar 29 04:19:04 2023
    Th3GreenGamer posted in clients question.

    The second part is the issue. It adds a minimap which is quite the advantage over a player without it.

  3. 2 months ago
    Thu Mar 16 19:47:57 2023
    Th3GreenGamer posted in Storage room.

    The creator of it has been made aware. Sorry for the delay, I forgot to respond.

  4. Thu Mar 16 19:45:58 2023

    We are aware the update is a thing, but no decision has been made. Yes I know that was the expected answer, lol.

  5. Thu Mar 16 19:37:56 2023
    Th3GreenGamer posted in Harrassment from unknown player.

    Also, whoever that was, did so without any special powers. Just a normal player.

  6. Mon Feb 27 23:40:38 2023
    Th3GreenGamer posted in Killing villagers? Griefers or Staff?.

    If it’s the one near 0, 0, it was most likely just some rando.

  7. 3 months ago
    Wed Feb 22 22:46:20 2023
    Th3GreenGamer posted in clients question.

    @wrongfully My friend mentioned that Lunar Client, a partner of Hypixel is banned on this server. Is this true?


  8. 4 months ago
    Mon Jan 9 20:55:37 2023
    Th3GreenGamer posted in Giant Tree Base.

    This: Please refer to my comment here:

  9. Mon Jan 9 20:54:07 2023

    Ugh, Please refer to my comment here:

  10. Mon Jan 9 20:53:06 2023
    Th3GreenGamer posted in post your tv show ideas.

    Dude. Stop. Refer to my comment here:

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