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  1. yesterday
    Thu Oct 18 12:22:08 2018
    Th3GreenGamer posted in Creamy Memes.

    That one WAS a bit much. Try not to imply something like that next time.

  2. last week
    Sun Oct 7 11:27:19 2018

    @humfrydog thank you let me know when you have them all i finally got 2 tridents,

    Orders ready btw.

  3. Sat Oct 6 21:06:10 2018

    Build purposefully bad and call it ironic.

  4. Sat Oct 6 21:05:01 2018
    Th3GreenGamer posted in Public Xp farms and grinders.

    You forgot the first rule of CM. Assume everyone wants to grief and rob you. Or more simply; Assume everyone hates you. While it looks lovely (And it really does), I'm almost sure it will be griefed and robbed within days due to the nature of the server D: sorry to be a downer but it's a difficult truth.

  5. 2 weeks ago
    Fri Oct 5 12:07:17 2018
    Th3GreenGamer posted in Humfrydog's new knee.

    Jesus. God I can't even imagine that. It's one of the places on the body I'd immediately go to if asked "Where would it hurt most when injured". Good luck Humf.

  6. Tue Oct 2 06:56:29 2018

    @humfrydog i need 2 unbreaking 3, 1 mending, 2 impaling 5, 2 channeling, 2 loyalty, 1 riptide 3

    Sure, well minus the loyalty and riptide. I don't have villagers for those, but I might be able to get you those regardless

  7. Sun Sep 30 12:47:01 2018


    Also thinking about selling gunpowder. Thoughts?

  8. 4 weeks ago
    Wed Sep 19 16:06:06 2018
    Th3GreenGamer posted in New super dope castle coming SOOON.

    Changed to show and tell

  9. Tue Sep 18 05:07:20 2018
    Th3GreenGamer posted in I wish I could afford to be Valgys.

    Changed to off topic.

  10. Mon Sep 17 03:44:20 2018
    Th3GreenGamer posted in Selling a super dope base.

    @humfrydog I would recommend listing a minimum price, what all comes with the base. For example approx distance from spawn like past 100k , and spawners or grinders, ect ect . plus having a standing good rep and offering a refund if raided in first 30 days help

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