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    Sun Jun 16 05:59:38 2019
    legendofzelda1 posted in Selling God items/Enchants.

    everything is prepared except for your boots

  2. Sun Jun 16 05:55:58 2019
    legendofzelda1 posted in Selling God items/Enchants.


  3. Sat Jun 15 03:50:19 2019
    legendofzelda1 posted in Selling God items/Enchants.

    Oh yeah one last thing do you want thorns

  4. Sat Jun 15 00:26:25 2019
    legendofzelda1 posted in Get to know you: Pet Pics.

    I don't have any pictures on my computer right now but I used to have 2 pet potbelly pigs. They were both Midnight black, and their names were Armando and Violet. they passed few years ago but i now have 2 more. But they are smaller. I have chops who's also black but the top hair gets like sun-bleached and turns a brownish color. Then I have Penny Who's white with black spots. Chops and Penny didn't get along at first but now they are good friends. (But the fighting for food will never end XD) And those are my pets I'll try and get pics of Chops and Penny for you guys

  5. Fri Jun 14 22:14:34 2019
    legendofzelda1 posted in Selling God items/Enchants.

    Okay i will do it for 200 diamonds it might take me a lil bit to make the armor though okay? Thanks!
    Oh yeah, The3GreenGamer do you want frost walker or depth strider

  6. Fri Jun 14 19:19:01 2019
    legendofzelda1 posted in Selling God items/Enchants.

    The3GreenGamer I can get you all props and etc i believe how much are you willing to pay

  7. Fri Jun 14 05:54:27 2019
    legendofzelda1 started the conversation legendofzelda1's Staff Application.

    In Game Name:

    Age: 16
    Time Zone: EST

    Strengths: I'm very friendly and enjoy helping people out. I know my way around the server and all of the commands. Whenever new players need help i tend to help them out. All i wish to do is help people out and make sure they enjoy the server. I don't tend to be mean on this server i just want everyone to have fun.

    Weaknesses: I don't believe I have many weaknesses so I'm not real sure what to put here.

    Why you are Applying: I am applying cause I want to help the server and the new players. I just want everyone to be helped along and I like to help them out. Sometimes i give them iron armor and a die sword or a bow with arrows to survive without the mob cap during 1.14.12

    Time Played on CraftyMynes (ticks): 2,515,556 I know I don't nearly make it that because I joined the reset like a week ago.

    Custom Note (optional): I played the server from 1.10 or so through 1.11 but quit after the reset. I just came back to CraftyMynes and remember how much I enjoy it and I'm here to stay.

  8. Fri Jun 14 05:33:46 2019
    legendofzelda1 started the conversation Selling God items/Enchants.

    Selling most Enchant books and if you request I will make a god item. It may take a few minutes for me to make your god item. And Currently I have a god bow prepared to sell and a slightly used god sword without mending

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    Thu Jul 14 02:57:02 2016
    legendofzelda1 posted in Pokemon GO .

    I do not play no cellular wifi :(

  10. Thu Jul 14 02:31:37 2016
    legendofzelda1 started the conversation legendofzelda1's Ban Appeal.

    /Why I Was Banned

    l was banned for scamming/caps. I was killing someone in jail and wanted to type lol to a sword name. I was really laggy so apparently I put lol 5 times.

    Why You Should Unban Me

    It would be a pleasure if i was unbanned. Craftymynes is my Favorite server I would be heart broken if you kept me banned I love this server and I'm very addicted. Ive learned so much from playing and got better through out the ages of playing my favorite survival server with my friends.

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