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  1. 2 months ago
    Thu Dec 10 06:53:59 2020
    GooseOnAMoose posted in New Word Association.

    a dog

  2. 3 months ago
    Tue Nov 24 13:53:01 2020
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  3. Tue Nov 24 02:46:57 2020
    GooseOnAMoose posted in New Word Association.

    Jason Voorhees

  4. Fri Nov 6 13:23:40 2020
    GooseOnAMoose posted in Cats or Dogs.

    I got a cat that behaves like a dog. I guess that would be the best of both worlds hahaha
    I mean, whenever I visit my dad, the cat is always following me and always wants to play.
    He goes outside on a leash and sometimes will bring you back something you throw.
    I tend to like more dogs, but I really love this cat my dad got <3 .
    And what amazes me is that he knows what a laser pointer is :o, I mean we have to hide the damn laser or else he finds it and messes with it with his paws trying to make it work, then ends up throwing it on the ground, if it isn't already lol.
    His name is Michat

  5. Sat Oct 31 04:44:00 2020
    GooseOnAMoose posted in Pretty Colors!.


  6. 4 months ago
    Wed Sep 30 14:35:32 2020
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  7. 5 months ago
    Wed Sep 23 19:31:26 2020
    GooseOnAMoose posted in high KD? Hack calling? .

    I am agreeing with compos on saying this does not make the server look good.
    We strictly forbid hackusating, whether or not its jokes; the server (which we, staff represent) should not be exempt.

    i have seen smaller issues like this degenerate into bigger ones in the past because of the classic "why can he do it if i cant", and imo, this would be good trigger material for this.

    so if i'd be given a vote, id vote to change it.

    but i also agree, this is super minor, and hasn't caused problems in the past (that i'm aware) so i guess its not that much of a big deal either. but i'd still change it :)
    im shur we could think of an other funny compliment.

  8. Sun Sep 20 14:30:34 2020
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  9. Tue Sep 15 13:01:40 2020
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  10. Wed Sep 9 18:23:34 2020
    GooseOnAMoose posted in Voting problems.

    Hello, for abt a month now, i have seen alot more people than usual, saying voting does not work.
    so i went ahead and made some tests and found out voting does indeed not work currently with chrome, for 3 of the 4 sites. (other browsers are fine)
    Minecraft-MP being the only one currently working with chrome.

    Since many people are using chrome, and don't seem to see that they can vote on other sites, they immediately go in game saying voting does not work. And then, trying to explain to them to try a different browser or site, sometimes do not work with those less tech savy :/

    For the time being, would it be possible to put Minecraft-MP, instead of MCSL, as the first site we land on when clicking on Vote?
    Precisely, i am talking about this:


    i am sure, putting this site first and as default page for "/pages/4-vote" would help :)

    Also, id like to suggest Adding a label or some kind of indication, to clearly show there is more than one voting site, and the advantages of doing so :
    something along those lines on /pages/4-vote


    Thank you! :)

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