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    Fri Aug 21 15:45:11 2020
    Compos posted in Video tour of my base!.

    All that black concrete in your factory

    and auto carrot and potato farms. I have always avoided them because i thought they would be hard work. Your designs seem to work well!

  2. Thu Jul 16 13:54:30 2020

    "what is crafty" -> gives explanation of crafty crates

  3. Wed Jul 15 14:36:26 2020
    Compos started the conversation Blue castles are the best! .




    Some one had suggested blue castles were not too good. But look at this blue castle! It is the best use of blue concrete!

  4. Wed Jun 3 10:11:38 2020
    Compos posted in Need advise .

    I go through the full range of the 5 stages of the grief response.

    I also have one super secret base that only I go to. this way if i lose the base i build with other i have only lost half of the work i have done. so the loss is half as bad.

    I also spend a bit of time building close to spawn, like roads and raid castles. knowing they will be griefed. this way if I lose them it is not too bad. I also like the look of seeing repaired bases using different blocks. it adds variety and character to builds.

  5. Sat Jan 25 23:55:32 2020
    Compos posted in Voting Limit.

    snackswitch, the voting sites only allow one vote per day. so there is a limit on the food.

    if you try to kill wither skeletons by hand; the food from voting only covers a few minutes of fighting.

  6. Sat Jan 25 07:43:57 2020
    Compos posted in Reset the map please.

    What reasons do you have for wanting a map reset?

    I cannot seem to pro and con it very well by myself.

    The increased lag from generating a new map for the first several weeks, would make getting new items so excruciating that having the old map would seem worth while.

    but i could be missing something. are there some benefits from a new map that i am not aware of?

  7. Mon Dec 23 07:34:11 2019
    Compos posted in Ping command? Suggestion .

    that would be super fantastic! IT would be cool to see the actual number,

    pressing tab and seeing bars, is not super competitive, as almost always everyone has 5 unless they are complaining of lag issues :(

  8. Sun Dec 22 05:30:07 2019
    Compos started the conversation Jkeller4000's staff application.

    In Game Name: Jkeller4000

    Age: 28

    Time Zone: Central Standard Time (CST)

    Strengths: Can focus on things for a long time. Kind of a quick learner. I Love to try to help new players.

    Weaknesses: Some times have trouble with authority, easily to anger, and some times i get stuck doing the same thing over and over again even if the results are bad. I am bad at communicating verbally. Some times i build to close to spawn and others have to clean up my mess.

    Why you are Applying: I noticed that if a staff member is on the chat seems to stay calm. But sometimes I am on when no staff is on and some times players type inappropriate things in chat. It would be nice to be able to quickly tell them to knock it off and have a little bit of authority behind my statements.

    Time Played on CraftyMynes (ticks): 46,898,804

  9. 3 years ago
    Thu Nov 14 04:11:23 2019

    @Carl_Sagan1 Anyway im sorry about it because i like you. but at the same time im not sorry and i don't agree with your post. Because when was morality when people killed me left and right for no reason? I'm very nice and willing to give for free but some grief me many times and break my heart many times. No one cares. morality doesn't exist.

    Yeah this is kind of the point of the post in a general sense, that we all have to work hard together to make the world a better place. If someone kills you then you have no incentive to make the world a good place. and if i get raided then i have no incentive to make the world a better place.

    Which is why all my bases are basically holes in the wall because i do not feel like putting much time nor effort into them knowing they will get destroyed. also why i did not take the time to space the end rods in a pattern because they are too easy to break. It is kinda cool I bet some psychologist can see how bases are constructed and know how long a player has played on the server based on how ugly/cheap the base is.

    I mostly just like venting and complaining. to me half the fun of being raided is to complain about being raided very loudly!

    It is cool to me, I heard once humans play to learn more about the world. It is cool to learn and see how crime has far reaching impacts other than just the direct crime itself.

    @srakath Is the solution "charity" If someone get killed and stolen from but there is a charity there to give them back all the things they lost. will they be less likely to steal and raid in the future? or if players get things for free from a charity . will they think that stealing is the same as getting things for free so they will steal more?

  10. Wed Nov 13 06:23:53 2019
    Compos started the conversation Broken window theory of crime! .

    A house has one broken window.

    neighborhood kids throw rocks and think it is ok to break the other windows.

    Neighborhood homeless think it ok to enter the house now that the windows are all open.

    drive by thieves casing the nieghborhood think it is ok to steal the copper from the house now that vagrants are living there.

    murders kill the homeless to "clean" up the neighborhood because the thieves stole the copper.

    see how one broken widow can transform a tiny community from a safe place to a place where killing is acceptable!

    Please do not steal end rods from roads or the same thing will happen to craftymynes, Players will think it is ok to kill other players!

    killing is bad! stealing is bad! those who steal and kill will not want to play here long after the server is only filled with thieves and murderers!

    Lets build nice things. Lets not break nice things. lets have nice things. lets have a high quality of life with no killing!

    so first step is to stop stealing from roads! The first step is to replace end rods stolen from roads!

    I am so angry that noobs do not understand stealing cheap end rods that can be crafted in hours causes players to not want to build end roads which would help players get shulker boxes much quicker!

    stealing cheap items prevents the production of expensive items!

    Oh well end of rant!

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