Preech's Ban Appeal

  1. 4 years ago
    Edited 4 years ago by Preech

    In Game Name: Preech

    Reason for your ban: Chat violations, multiple warnings.

    Why should you be unbanned: No excuses, I didn't bother with the warnings. I wasn't expecting a ban, neither was my last infraction intentional. My intention was to warn another player about discussing any sort of pharmaceutical drug in chat, in this case he used the word cocaine. I addressed him by also using the word, saying don't use it.

    Previously I had broke the chat rules, I understand now that there are 0 toleration and I will not continue the use of the terms, or discussion.



    i'd also like to add it's imperative if i'm able to be unbanned, to be unbanned soon. my teammate, whom i have no other way to contact, is likely curious to my disappearance and is still awaiting for my return in the server.

    thanks again and i'm sincerely sorry,


  2. Preech, as you have stated you didn't bother to pay attention to my warnings and continued to stir up trouble in chat. We take breaking the rules very seriously here and it disheartens me that you only now learn from your mistakes after I have banned you. In the future take heed of all warnings given by staff members and over the next few days have a read of our rules especially those concerning chat etiquette.

    Your ban is set at 3 days from today.


  3. You have been pardoned, welcome back.


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