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  1. 3 days ago
    Thu Aug 17 09:50:04 2017

    We are monitoring the changes but these are just snapshots and as stated not final. Once something is ready to be launched we will look at everything.

    Changes to the command blocks are currently being worked on and there will be a few changes to how these systems function, if some of these changes do go live. But we are not counting our chickens just yet.


  2. 4 days ago
    Tue Aug 15 20:20:45 2017

    Alright, so this thread has gone ahead and dissolved into chaos again. A few things here and there to take away from here and mull over.

    This aside I'm curbing this now and the thread will be locked.

    To players, if you have concerns about staff conduct please come forward to me. Please bring evidence of said conduct and it will be investigated.

    To staff, this thread is done. Do not unlock it, do not post in it.


  3. 5 days ago
    Tue Aug 15 07:14:37 2017

    This thread is getting off topic and has now switched to a back and forth of petty arguments between people. This thread either gets back on track or I will lock it.

    I haven't even begun to read this mess in detail yet but I will get to it.


  4. 6 days ago
    Sun Aug 13 14:53:31 2017
    Nysic posted in Ryanman2000's Ban Appeal.

    Okay, banned forever.

    Best of luck elsewhere.


  5. last week
    Sun Aug 13 02:25:54 2017
    Nysic posted in Ryanman2000's Ban Appeal.

    5 days feels like it'll be too hard to remember. A full week will be better and if I see anything like this from you again, I will be dealing with your next ban appeal.


  6. Wed Aug 9 18:43:23 2017
    Nysic posted in still banned?.

    I realised that you changed your name, I believe I pointed that out in your first appeal. As to why you are still banned, I forgot. It's been a long week, I'll pardon you shortly.


  7. Wed Aug 9 18:40:17 2017


    First of all I am impressed with your memory. For you to recall what you were doing 8 months ago is impressive. When I strip mine it's usually a blank memory within hours so bravo. You should aspire to become a mathematician with memory like that.

    While my memory is clearly not as impressive as yours (I can barely remember what I was doing yesterday) I can tell you with certainty, that I have heard this excuse at least a dozen times. In fact one person even went so far as to draw pictures for me to view with strategic mining strategy methods.

    Your efforts pale in comparison to that :(. It's truly been a long time since I've read an interesting appeal by a hacker, I really wish they'd at least put effort into this, instead of resulting to the same old boring excuses.

    Anyway I'm getting off track, see we don't ban people for strip mining. We do however ban them for hacking.

    I wish you all the best, but you will remain banned.


    P.s I did some maths :) you were only only on the server for 94 minutes in total and as a bonus piece of information, you were 15,457th person to log into the server since the reset. It's not very useful information I just thought it was interesting.

  8. Mon Aug 7 21:18:53 2017
    Nysic posted in Question about ban.

    0AdolfHitman - 2017/08/07 20:11:45
    Banned By: Nysic
    Banned On: 1.11
    Reason: Change your name then appeal on the forums

    Any of that seem familiar? I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say it did, as no sooner did I ban you, than you changed your name. Also seeing as the reason appears right there in the ban message you can't have been "banned for no reason"

    You will be pardoned in 24 hours. Choose your names much more carefully next time.


  9. 2 weeks ago
    Thu Aug 3 18:32:52 2017
    Nysic posted in Staff Communication.

    @Benjiramm you mean sometimes you guys can be human ?!

    Except when it comes to hackers, then we're just robots.

  10. Thu Aug 3 10:28:19 2017

    It wouldn't make the slightest difference, you used a modified client in order to have an advantage over the average player and bypass the restrictions they are held too.

    If Mojang wanted you to see through dirt they'd let you.


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