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  1. 2 weeks ago
    Thu Oct 5 22:13:05 2017
    Nysic posted in Jams__'s Ban Appeal.


    The server doesn't like being annoyed every 10 seconds, like all women they will only tell you off so many times. As you have angered her she got fed up and booted your ass out of the server for some piece and quiet.

    Spam ----------------------> [2017-10-05 21:15:54] <Jams__> fact?
    Spam (Warned) -------------> [2017-10-05 21:16:42] <Jams__> fact?
    Spam ----------------------> [2017-10-05 21:17:29] <Jams__> fact?
    Caps/Characters -----------> [2017-10-05 21:17:54] <Jams__> Its Craftys custom AI and Panel.
    Caps/Characters -----------> [2017-10-05 21:18:16] <Jams__> They are currently not released but the Panel (Mynepanel) is released on some servers for beta testing.
    Send Rate -----------------> [2017-10-05 21:18:19] <Jams__> Nada.
    Send Rate (Kicked) --------> [2017-10-05 21:18:21] <Jams__> vanilla?
    Caps/Characters -----------> [2017-10-05 21:19:10] <Jams__> Its all done with detecting chat messages via logs, then the panel and/or AI handle that data and output the response.
    Spam ----------------------> [2017-10-05 21:19:24] <Jams__> fact?
    Spam ----------------------> [2017-10-05 21:19:39] <Jams__> fact?
    Spam ----------------------> [2017-10-05 21:20:44] <Jams__> fact?
    Spam (Warned) -------------> [2017-10-05 21:21:43] <Jams__> fact?
    Spam ----------------------> [2017-10-05 21:23:20] <Jams__> fact?
    Spam (Warned) -------------> [2017-10-05 21:24:05] <Jams__> fact?
    Spam ----------------------> [2017-10-05 21:24:22] <Jams__> fact?
    Spam (Kicked) -------------> [2017-10-05 21:24:44] <Jams__> fact?
    Spam ----------------------> [2017-10-05 21:25:18] <Jams__> fact?
    Spam (Warned) -------------> [2017-10-05 21:25:57] <Jams__> fact?
    Spam ----------------------> [2017-10-05 21:26:48] <Jams__> fact?
    Spam (Warned) -------------> [2017-10-05 21:27:07] <Jams__> fact?
    Spam ----------------------> [2017-10-05 21:27:53] <Jams__> fact?
    Spam (Banned) -------------> [2017-10-05 21:28:10] <Jams__> fact?

    As you can see the she gave you more than enough warnings of her mood getting worse.

    You will be pardoned in 24 hours.


  2. 4 weeks ago
    Wed Sep 20 19:19:26 2017


    The boss has spoken mate, you admitted to hacking (jokingly or not) and you are banned. This is how you will remain.


  3. Tue Sep 19 17:45:06 2017
    Nysic posted in Martinese's Ban Appeal.


    I am not angry in the slightest, I do however sit in judgement. That I sit in judgement does not grant me amusement and I have served this server for many years in this capacity.

    You are a cheater, meaning you came here and used 3rd party software to gain advantage for your benefit. There is no hate past that of my despise of people who do these actions. I will root them out one by one as I and all staff have ever done.

    For you as a person I hold no ill will against you. To your account however I hold the full scope of accountability in your actions. This scope encompasses my disposition towards those who would abuse our rules.

    I bid you all the best.


  4. Tue Sep 19 12:04:14 2017
    Nysic posted in Martinese's Ban Appeal.


    It was along time ago that I banned you. I'm quite impressed that you have such vivid memories as to recall that you "forgot" you were on a server and not your private game. I find this concept most intriguing but alas it's an excuse I have heard many times.

    I'm glad you find that moving things and stuff to folders tedious. I applaud this new found appifinfy that laziness of the highest order, has bestowed upon you and your cheating ways.

    However, no amount of repentance will get your account unbanned. Best of luck elsewhere.

    Tldr: heard this excuse many times, appeal denied.


  5. 7 weeks ago
    Fri Sep 1 08:50:24 2017
    Nysic posted in Word Association .


  6. Fri Sep 1 05:50:04 2017
    Nysic posted in Lucky_Kat_'s Ban Appeal.


  7. Thu Aug 31 13:20:44 2017
    Nysic posted in Djscales101 Ban Appeal.


    Time: 2017-08-31 11:54:44
    Server: vanilla
    Player: Djscales101
    Reason: Spam

    Spam ----------------------> [2017-08-31 11:48:23] <Djscales101> buying mending and umbreaking
    Spam ----------------------> [2017-08-31 11:53:39] <Djscales101> buying mending and umbreaking 3
    Spam (Kicked) -------------> [2017-08-31 11:54:17] <Djscales101> buying mending and umbreaking 3
    Spam (Banned) -------------> [2017-08-31 11:54:44] <Djscales101> buying mending and umbreaking 3

    As you can see, the server kicked you after you said the same thing 3 times. On the fourth when you said excatly the same thing the server got pissed off you ignored its warning and banned you.

    You'll be unbanned in 24 hours, don't spam the server she doesn't like it very much.


  8. Thu Aug 31 05:14:46 2017
    Nysic posted in Lucky_Kat_'s Ban Appeal.

    You were banned by the server for inappropriate language, you will rename your inappropriately named items and refrain from being a troll in chat in the future.

    As this is a borderline ban I will pardon you in 24 hours.


  9. Wed Aug 30 14:11:20 2017
    Nysic posted in ButterChully's Ban Appeal.

    It'll be 2 weeks, griefing spawn intentionally or otherwise requires an administrator to fix it. In the event of intentional griefing this results in a permanent ban.

    I'd be willing to give you the benefit of doubt in your "accidental" musings but your last statement believes me to think that you, in some part were aware of your actions.

    Be thankful this ban isn't permanent.


  10. Mon Aug 28 09:13:43 2017
    Nysic posted in Triumphant return!.

    Welcome back mate, I have a base you might be interested in seeing and someone who is as crazy a builder as you to befriend.

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