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  1. 4 days ago
    Thu Mar 23 13:49:09 2017
    Nysic posted in adding "zero".

    While potentially possible it could be very resource intensive. Everytime you die there is a command block that detects your death and adds a score of 1 to you while simultaneously creating that particular score(if you don't have a death already). This same procedure applies when you kill someone.

    Now while entirely possible to have this scoreboard set up for all players coming into the server imagine this. We have 250k + players who've graced us with their presence so to assign them all 2 extra scores upon entry would leave us with 500k bits of data. Let's say 50k people stay around and play that leaves 400k bits of data that will never be used again taking up resources.

    The scoreboard (the thing you can't see) that controls most everything on the server is already cluttered enough and I don't see the value in adding useless data to it for this sake. Crafty might be able to set something up via the panel but that's another story. In the short term I can modify your scoreboard and grant your request to you. It would not in my opinion become a default thing.


  2. last week
    Mon Mar 20 04:55:05 2017

    You have been pardoned.

  3. Sun Mar 19 23:15:43 2017
    Nysic posted in Sknup's Protection.

    @humfrydog I would like to state the following that in my opinion solves all past and present issue. CRAFTY stated the most and best answer. Its craftys base and sknup builds the majority. So the land of sknup is really crafty base so protection is warranted. To solve part 2 is simple promote sknup to mod or admin. Then no one can say anything.

    No. There is a process to becoming staff and it'll be adhered too.

  4. Sun Mar 19 18:50:57 2017
    Nysic posted in Sknup's Protection.

    @Cileklim You can't see how having items protected gives an advantage, huh? This is much more advanced than putting your items in a echest, he can store spawners, slime chunks etc. inside which is not really possible with a shulker box or an echest.

    His playstyle doesn't make this any fair. No offense @sknup

    Sknup isn't hoarding diamonds or slime chunks or even spawners for that matter. Again this base is the project of CraftyMyner and sknup. The base itself contains nothing really of value past the sheer amount of time put into it.

  5. Sun Mar 19 18:44:44 2017
    Nysic posted in Sknup's Protection.

    If we had an enormous or beautiful base like sknup, would we get protection too? If not so, why him?

    No. Because you aren't personal friends with the owner whom has been building it with you for 2.5 years.

    Or if a great base is being griefed by hackers like in this situation, shouldn't they get a temporary protection too? Isn't that an immediate threat?

    Again circumstances, admins already intervene in the event of hackers griefing bases. Sknup's circumstances are unique.

  6. Sun Mar 19 18:35:03 2017
    Nysic posted in Infxnite's Ban Appeal.


    While it has been an extended period of time you've been banned for that change the fact that you hacked on our server which is a permanent ban.

    Farewell and best of luck on other servers.


  7. Sun Mar 19 18:26:43 2017
    Nysic posted in Sknup's Protection.

    I don't believe it merits further consideration.

  8. Sun Mar 19 06:32:57 2017
    Nysic posted in Katmandoo2016's Ban apeal.


    I was the administrator who banned you. Raiding and Griefing is allowed however the use of Xray is not. If you think that we are stupid enough not to notice you, then you are sorely mistaken.

    Your ban will remain in place, best of luck on other servers.


  9. Sat Mar 18 16:28:39 2017


    I was the Administrator who banned you. Advertising is a banable offence and is acted on immediately either a staff member gets you or the server's AI does. I'm not gonna sit there and check every IP on the off chance it might be ours.

    You will be unbanned in 24 hours, don't do it again.


  10. Sat Mar 18 06:20:01 2017

    Both players banned.


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