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  1. 2 weeks ago
    Fri Mar 1 02:22:47 2019
    Nysic posted in Does changing your name ?.

    I do not believe so, but I'm bot 100% on that.

  2. Fri Mar 1 02:20:22 2019
    Nysic posted in MrCaptian's Ban Appeal.


    The server auto banned you. I got the emailed report it was not a macro and you and I both know what it is.

    Thanks for voting for the server but take yourself and your client elsewhere.


  3. 3 weeks ago
    Thu Feb 21 23:17:44 2019

    @iwarriiori Make it happen.

    If you are requesting death by the void I can help you with that

  4. 5 weeks ago
    Mon Feb 11 22:41:34 2019
    Nysic posted in Discord ban appeal DeJean.


    You were banned from discord because you were sending unsolicited messages to people to "like" your ban appeal (as if this would somehow improve your chances) and were subsequently banned from discord too.

    Then as if this wasn't bad enough you are pestering staff on top of advertising this server on other servers. Since we automatically ban any person who does this on our server, in what way do you think we could possibly look favourably on your actions?

    Your application to appeal your discord ban is denied, with option to review once the server owner has had a chance to review your actions.


  5. Mon Feb 11 17:57:35 2019
    Nysic posted in Ban appeal for DeNeutral.


    You and YOU alone are responsible for the actions of YOUR account. I couldn't care if it was your brother, mother, friend, dad, cat or any other person operating YOUR account, YOU are responsible. This means anything that happens while you are logged in is your fault.

    Do not let this happen again.

    You will be pardoned in 24 hours.


  6. Sun Feb 10 17:13:33 2019

    Even though the fps isn't right up there it's still very well done.

  7. Sun Feb 10 17:00:03 2019
    Nysic posted in Frasski's ban appeal.


    I am the administrator that banned you. As I already stated on discord we do not pardon hackers for any reason.

    I can easily make a new alt account or use a VPN in case I get IP-Banned but a progress reset isn't that fun and I mean..

    Don't stress yourself out too much we have ways to combat this too. Your forum account will also be locked.


  8. 7 weeks ago
    Thu Jan 24 07:15:18 2019

    Application Approved.


  9. 8 weeks ago
    Mon Jan 21 22:11:37 2019

    Been along time pans :D

  10. 2 months ago
    Sun Jan 13 07:41:12 2019
    Nysic posted in OverVex's Ban Appeal.


    Yes you were a bit annoying on the server today despite me telling you what would happen you continued to push the envelope. You'll be pardoned in 1 day from this post but should you repeat your actions upon being unbanned the consequences will be worse.


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