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  1. 5 days ago
    Sun Jan 12 02:00:30 2020

    I unbanned you less than 5hrs ago and you've already gotten yourself rebanned? What ever time length you are issued (provided you make a correct appeal) will be doubled at a minimum.

    Also free speach doesn't apply to / on the server. You have no rights, you are bound by the rules we set for the for everyone on the server. Don't like it, then play somewhere else.


  2. Sat Jan 11 20:40:51 2020
    Nysic posted in Blarnix's Ban Appeal.


    You used a derogatory term for African Americans, probably in a vain attempt to seem cool or merely shock value. Since this was a while ago I will pardon you.

    Brush up on the rules as this is a family server, repeat offenses will get you permanently banned from the server.


  3. last week
    Fri Jan 10 03:29:31 2020


    This was a much improved appeal, I can see that even some effort went into it. First off I would like to thank you for not continuing your lies from the previous appeal. At this point I have more or less heard every excuse under the sun for hacking. It would probably suprise you how many get reused and it's boring.

    99.9% of the time if we ban you for hacking the person is a hacker. There's no reason to lie to us like we're idiots, lying isn't going to convince me you aren't a hacker. All it tells me is that even if I were to pardon you I can't trust you to keep to your word, since you have already lied to me once.

    So in summary, while I greatly appreciate your being honest in this appeal, my previous decision will hold.

    Your appeal is denied on the grounds of using a hacked client. I do wish you all the best in your search for a new server.


  4. Thu Jan 9 02:57:47 2020
    Nysic posted in RykillYT's Ban Appeal.


    Your appeal is denied, I've heard the "friend" excuse too many times to count. You could at least be original and make it entertaining.

    In all seriousness though we don't unban people using hacked clients.


  5. 4 months ago
  6. 5 months ago
    Mon Aug 12 05:29:36 2019
    Nysic posted in JSlone's Staff Application.


    To elaborate on the above, a staff members conduct both on this server and on other servers reflects on the server itself. This means how you act and treat people (regardless of circumstances) will come back on the owner and the administrator team. The above screenshots are a few of the more deciding factors in denying the application.

    Calling people names (breaking the rules no less) and then threatening them irl is unacceptable behaviour in general and under NO circumstances will it be tolerated as a staff member.

    You may apply again at a later date and your conduct on the server as a whole will be weighed. If and when you choose to reapply we will re-evaluate your application then.


  7. Fri Aug 9 23:01:17 2019
    Nysic posted in Void.

    After review of some of your conduct in game, your application is denied.


  8. Thu Aug 1 01:41:43 2019
    Nysic posted in please ban .

    Please either submit logs or screenshots of the offender in any player report. It helps us remedy the problem quicker.

    This player has been banned.


  9. Sun Jul 28 12:05:57 2019
    Nysic posted in _JarJar's Ban Appeal.


    This account will remain banned for reasons you are fimiliar with from your last appeals. You weren't just banned for the one thing and you know this, donating does not buy you favourable treatment or erase your history.

    Consider your alt account not being banned like all the other ones, our issuing you another chance.


  10. Wed Jul 24 16:49:09 2019
    Nysic posted in Back after a while.

    Welcome back

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