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  1. 1 hour ago
    Sat Mar 28 07:04:35 2020
    Nysic posted in New Word Association.


  2. yesterday
    Thu Mar 26 13:43:53 2020
    Nysic posted in kinkyboss ban appeal.


  3. 3 days ago
    Wed Mar 25 04:43:08 2020
    Nysic posted in TapeableTJMAN's Ban Appeal.


    According to nameMC you still have an inappropriate skin. You will remain banned until either it updates or you change your skin to something more appropriate for the server (if you haven't already done so).


  4. 4 days ago
    Mon Mar 23 13:29:00 2020
    Nysic posted in DeJean's Ban Appeal.

    You have been pardoned under the conditions discussed in private message.


  5. 5 days ago
    Sun Mar 22 13:53:07 2020
    Nysic posted in Youtube channel in discord.

    That'll be fine

  6. Sun Mar 22 12:08:05 2020
    Nysic posted in Youtube channel in discord.

    Pretty sure the bot will delete all links posted on the forums.

  7. last week
    Sat Mar 21 02:08:36 2020


    The server warned you twice that you were spamming, before it finally banned you. I'll let you off easy this time but keep the smiley's and lol's under control.


  8. Fri Mar 20 02:32:22 2020
    Nysic posted in Goomey_ 's ban appeal.


    After reviewing your logs I can see it was not malicious but do keep in mind we enforce a strict mojang font only on the server.

    You will be pardoned.


  9. 2 weeks ago
    Mon Mar 9 06:09:53 2020
    Nysic posted in What happened?.

    Admins are still around but like always we come and go, Crafty's still kicking around too. 1.16 is a thing but mojang is taking their sweet ass time with it. As for the server the player base comes and goes still got quite a few regulars and new players joining every day. Not sure about the factions don't keep too close a tab on that one.

  10. 3 weeks ago
    Thu Mar 5 01:12:40 2020
    Nysic posted in Anti-VPN Bans.

    It may surprise you but for every ban appeal that goes up 30 or more bans occur in between and this method is rather good at preventing the mass bot attacks that we all hate so much.

    That being said I will bring it up with Crafty and let him make the decision.

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