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    Fri Feb 19 10:33:40 2021
    Nysic posted in JackBoy__'s bann appeal.


    Your ban was actually a mistake on my part, I was banning a repeat spammer and you were caught in the crossfire.

    This will be fixed up shortly.


  2. Sun Feb 14 03:51:23 2021


    Since you have shown no ability to learn from your mistakes and given the numerous warnings/bans you have had, you will not be getting pardoned.

    This ban is permanent, good luck elsewhere.


  3. Sun Feb 14 02:51:58 2021


  4. 2 weeks ago
    Fri Feb 12 01:06:43 2021
    Nysic posted in CosmereDragon's Ban Appeal.


    I have pardoned your account.


  5. Tue Feb 9 04:46:36 2021
    Nysic posted in ALotOfCarts Vpn Ban Appeal.


    I have pardoned your account please be more careful in the future.


  6. 3 weeks ago
    Tue Feb 2 01:19:58 2021

    The drugs sign existed and I have screenshots to prove it. I will grant you it wasn't in that particular base but it was at a base linked to the players who base there.

    As I said it's not just that base that gets policed it's every base. Changing a sign to be slightly less obscure doesn't mean it's still not breaking the rules.


  7. Mon Feb 1 23:39:58 2021


    Yes I freely admit to removing the items in question from that and other bases. As I told you the other day I would be frequenting the area and removing such items as I found them. You are not the first base to have offending items removed and you will not be the last.

    You have also conviently left out that most of the areas I edited contained signs like "drugs", "the Berlin Wall" or "cock" as well as items targeted particular individuals (the now dead chicken being one of those). As for your valuables chest had a sign on it labelled "baby glue" which I have on good authority you were already asked to change.

    When you play on this server you are subject to its rules, this includes your name, items, skin, base etc. Staff are responsible for policing this on the server, issues concerning bases are dealt with by Administrators or rank 3 Moderators. If staff are unsure about the issue Admins will deal with it.

    As for your point about staff seeing the area it's moot. Just because they don't want to speak up or mind taking particular offence doesn't mean that others won't. Targeting anyone player or staff falls under our the rules and areas such as this will be removed or items deleted.

    Concerning your "Green Screen" the base was over it's entity limit (100 per the rules) in some parts of your base it was as high as 250. Removing this was the most efficient way of reducing the entity count. I could have removed the villagers or animals etc but those have more value then item frames so it was the obvious choice. I removed the bare minimum of things to get you under the limit not factoring in hostile mobs. Use F3 to regularly check your entity count and manage it yourselves.

    Using item frames is a very quick way to increase your entity count as it's 2 per item frame and the framed item. I recommend you use signs or spacing out items in frames further.

    The only thing I will apologise for is the language that I used. I believe I said I would blow up parts of the base. This is incorrect as I just edit them from existence. Saying blow up infers that I would use tnt or the like which is not how we operate.

    You are more than welcome to escalate this to Craftymyner should you desire. His email can be found on the website at the bottom or you can open a private post on the forums for him.


  8. Sun Jan 31 08:52:54 2021
    Nysic posted in VIP Status lost.


  9. Sat Jan 30 05:38:52 2021
    Nysic posted in Nathan's 9th Ban Appeal.


    I banned you after warning you multiple times not to post random comments in the player reports channel. Since you failed to follow my directions you were banned.

    I will pardon you on discord 7 days from now. If you post in the player reports channel again without actually reporting anything it'll be an instant ban and we'll be back here again.


  10. 4 weeks ago
    Thu Jan 28 18:52:05 2021

    I'll get this looked into straight away

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