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  1. 2 days ago
    Fri Feb 24 18:24:21 2017
    Nysic posted in CraftyMynes Owner AMA.

    @gilbertboys did you quietly delete the wtf m8 conversation? Why?

    I did.

    @Nysic Because reasons.

  2. 3 days ago
    Fri Feb 24 08:31:23 2017
    Nysic posted in CraftyMynes Owner AMA.

    @gilbertboys A question directly to crafty, why aren't we allowed to speak about certain famous hackers or admins that did not follow the rules?

    Because reasons.

  3. last week
    Sun Feb 19 17:24:55 2017
    Nysic posted in Caught Crafty v2.

    @BluePlauge Does this count? its true @Nysic was there of his own accord but I expertly lured @ryleeraee there by saying Nysic was afk in chat....
    Ok total fluke but I did think to grab a pic :D

    Here I thought we were friends, can't trust anyone :(

  4. 2 weeks ago
    Mon Feb 13 10:33:26 2017
    Nysic posted in Ban appeal.


    You say that you have never been here but the logs say otherwise.

    [09:12:03] <jeromefu> CAPS
    [09:12:06] <jeromefu> stop the caps
    [09:16:00] jeromefu starved to death
    [09:16:12] <jeromefu> i hate this game
    [09:16:34] <jeromefu> creeper
    [09:16:39] <jeromefu> can u tp me to somewhere far out
    [09:16:57] <jeromefu> i am
    [09:17:02] <jeromefu> but its not far enoughw
    [09:17:54] <jeromefu> can u tp me somewhere far out
    [09:18:05] <jeromefu> or i will hack your server
    [09:18:14] <jeromefu> i will ddos you
    [09:18:29] <jeromefu> i got 1.3 mbps connection
    [09:18:32] <CreeperLord170> is that a threat? jeromefu
    [09:18:33] <jeromefu> you have been warned
    [09:18:43] <Nysic> Hey jeromefu
    [09:18:49] <CreeperLord170> is that a threat? jeromefu
    [09:19:03] <jeromefu> um
    [09:19:06] <jeromefu> no
    [09:19:11] Banned player jeromefu

    Threatening the server is an automatic iP ban with no chance for appeal.



  5. Sun Feb 12 02:46:48 2017
    Nysic posted in shadow681's Ban Appeal.

    Please fill out the appeal in the correct format for a ban. It can be found at the top of the ban appeals section.

  6. Sat Feb 11 03:05:17 2017
    Nysic posted in alt meaning.

    It means Oolfa, we got sick of your shit and banned your alts too. On the very minor slight minuscule chance what you have said is true, sorry, but under no circumstances will the ban be lifted.

    I suggest in the future you buy fresh accounts direct from Mojang instead of dirty second hand tainted accounts. Especially from someone who's reputation is that of a child, who can't seem to grasp basic morality concepts and a lack of ability to follow simple rules.

    On the very real chance it's Oolfa trying some poor half assed attempt to be unbanned, just don't. We don't want you here, go be annoying somewhere else.


  7. 3 weeks ago
    Sun Feb 5 11:39:04 2017
    Nysic posted in rubenramirez's Ban Appeal.

    You've been pardoned.


  8. Thu Feb 2 07:23:31 2017
    Nysic posted in rubenramirez's Ban Appeal.


    The server automatically banned you not for bad words like you claim, but for posting links to websites not appropriate on the server.

    [2017-02-02 16:26:37] <RubenRamirez> porn? Lost your website? [click here] to browse in -redacted-

    Your ban will remain in place for 72 hours. Don't do this shit again.


  9. 4 weeks ago
    Mon Jan 30 16:10:15 2017
    Nysic posted in CraftyMynes Owner AMA.

    @Rybye Do you make money from the server? or does it all go back into the server

    All donations go to the server and things Crafty uses directly for the improvement of it. Eg backup servers, panel etc.

  10. Sun Jan 29 21:55:26 2017
    Nysic posted in Discord?.

    Ahh the brother card, was wondering when that would come out. If only I had a dollar...

    Account suspended.

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