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    Sat Nov 4 10:22:19 2017
    Nysic posted in Timeline .

    You forgot the penguin idiots

  2. Thu Nov 2 19:18:34 2017

    @DoppyRex so did you take a look at the town i tried to consrtruct outside?

    You mean the one I threatened to demolish unless the cobblestone issue was dealt with? I vaguely recall it.

  3. Tue Oct 31 16:24:41 2017

    @MissAngelic OH woooow! how long did it take for you to build this beautiful piece ? :o That's incredible :D

    Not quite sure of the timeline maybe 8 months, ever since our last base got found and trashed.

  4. Tue Oct 31 14:28:36 2017

    I can only take a small amount of credit for it as most of the work was done by Xeniac85

  5. Tue Oct 31 14:27:13 2017


  6. Sun Oct 29 06:25:54 2017

    @SharpSerac nysic you've completely missed the point, he's asking why nerdie gets special privileges to go to sknup's base when no one else can, effectively giving him a safe zone outside of spawn? you should go back and re-read his posts so that you know what he's said

    also you don't need to insult him, he has legitimate issues with the way things are going right now. all you're doing is breaking rule #1 which is to be respectful of other players. i think it goes without saying that everyone is subject to this rule, including former staff

    I know what I said and it falls under the same issue its Crafty's base and he can do what ever he wants with it. Also when did you get the idea in your head this was more than temporary access? I believe Crafty already addressed that in another thread as well. So again beating a dead horse for no reason.

    I also addressed even more concerns in a pm with javon.

  7. Sun Oct 29 05:33:47 2017

    @javonjw wow q
    This is not about that and whats the point in cm even being a pvp non land claim server if you want to say something like we cant trash the place and steal there shit. People get mad and they do the same thing we do only thing is we get to do it more often just voicing my opinion so fuck off no disrespect

    Its already been stated its Crafty project and yet you have continually gone on about it for days. But you know what you are right this is a no land claim server with pvp. But you know what else it is... Craftys server meaning he can do what ever the fuck he wants. So find a new topic to harp on about seems to be the only thing you guys are good at.

  8. Sun Oct 29 05:13:33 2017

    @javonjw That the same thing i was thinking i will not be attending Nerdi live stream because it goes against what the server is suppose to be a survival pvp server. But now you have people that are able to go to the wild and have protection outside of spawn that is not a mod or admin or staff ok sknup was one exception that crafty made because it was a project that he was working on with him now you have people like nerdi whats next? People say that this is not a advantage but it is protection out of spawn is the advantage no matter how long he will be in a protected zone rather its 1 second or 20 minutes so i am 100% into what @SharpSerac is doing

    If you could stop crying about the same shit and trying to literally beat a dead cat a few more times. Seriously just find something else to do, it's already been stated why this is what it is and yet you still carry on like a moron about it. Probably because you can't get in their and trash the place or steal their shit? You guys sometimes honestly surprise me, how are some of you are above 10 years old with the way you carry on?

    Move on.

  9. Thu Oct 5 22:13:05 2017
    Nysic posted in Jams__'s Ban Appeal.


    The server doesn't like being annoyed every 10 seconds, like all women they will only tell you off so many times. As you have angered her she got fed up and booted your ass out of the server for some piece and quiet.

    Spam ----------------------> [2017-10-05 21:15:54] <Jams__> fact?
    Spam (Warned) -------------> [2017-10-05 21:16:42] <Jams__> fact?
    Spam ----------------------> [2017-10-05 21:17:29] <Jams__> fact?
    Caps/Characters -----------> [2017-10-05 21:17:54] <Jams__> Its Craftys custom AI and Panel.
    Caps/Characters -----------> [2017-10-05 21:18:16] <Jams__> They are currently not released but the Panel (Mynepanel) is released on some servers for beta testing.
    Send Rate -----------------> [2017-10-05 21:18:19] <Jams__> Nada.
    Send Rate (Kicked) --------> [2017-10-05 21:18:21] <Jams__> vanilla?
    Caps/Characters -----------> [2017-10-05 21:19:10] <Jams__> Its all done with detecting chat messages via logs, then the panel and/or AI handle that data and output the response.
    Spam ----------------------> [2017-10-05 21:19:24] <Jams__> fact?
    Spam ----------------------> [2017-10-05 21:19:39] <Jams__> fact?
    Spam ----------------------> [2017-10-05 21:20:44] <Jams__> fact?
    Spam (Warned) -------------> [2017-10-05 21:21:43] <Jams__> fact?
    Spam ----------------------> [2017-10-05 21:23:20] <Jams__> fact?
    Spam (Warned) -------------> [2017-10-05 21:24:05] <Jams__> fact?
    Spam ----------------------> [2017-10-05 21:24:22] <Jams__> fact?
    Spam (Kicked) -------------> [2017-10-05 21:24:44] <Jams__> fact?
    Spam ----------------------> [2017-10-05 21:25:18] <Jams__> fact?
    Spam (Warned) -------------> [2017-10-05 21:25:57] <Jams__> fact?
    Spam ----------------------> [2017-10-05 21:26:48] <Jams__> fact?
    Spam (Warned) -------------> [2017-10-05 21:27:07] <Jams__> fact?
    Spam ----------------------> [2017-10-05 21:27:53] <Jams__> fact?
    Spam (Banned) -------------> [2017-10-05 21:28:10] <Jams__> fact?

    As you can see the she gave you more than enough warnings of her mood getting worse.

    You will be pardoned in 24 hours.


  10. Wed Sep 20 19:19:26 2017


    The boss has spoken mate, you admitted to hacking (jokingly or not) and you are banned. This is how you will remain.


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