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  1. 6 weeks ago
    Sat May 4 08:37:51 2019
    Nysic posted in The Selfie Thread!!.

    @CraftyMyner It's been 3 years since my last post, though I might update my pic.


    Omg still so cute!

  2. 7 weeks ago
    Fri Apr 26 11:53:05 2019
    Nysic posted in Apinanaivot's ban appeal.


    Since it's been about 3 years since your ban you will be pardoned. Fimiliaise yourself with our rules on this website so you don't break them.


  3. 8 weeks ago
    Tue Apr 23 13:07:36 2019
    Nysic posted in CraftyMynes and 1.14.

    @humfrydog I HOPE they bring back bridges going out of town. I miss ambushing noobs, lol

    You mean the bridges we had to repair ever hour or two less they become craters?

    I'll admit anoucing the bridges were being griefed and having 30 people show up to murder 1 to 2 people was quite amusing

  4. Tue Apr 23 05:39:19 2019
    Nysic posted in CraftyMynes and 1.14.

    @Idotrytotry Will it rain in the new server?

    Currently we have it disabled until we verify that one of the exploits from 1.13 no longer works.

  5. Mon Apr 22 06:17:56 2019
    Nysic posted in CraftyMynes and 1.14.

    @CHRISTIANALPHA “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change -”

    ― Heraclitus

    I think i'll be back after the restart.

    I'll hold you to that

    @iwarriiori -1 from me.

    -1 TO you

  6. Sun Apr 21 00:31:50 2019
    Nysic posted in Hit the chug jug.


  7. Sat Apr 20 22:43:47 2019

    You may trade with him, we can't really guarantee the trading of coords and you take that risk upon yourself without direct oversight from a higher staff member.

    Meaning that if you want to trade coords do so in the presence of an admin who can confirm the trade on the spot.


  8. Sat Apr 20 22:38:50 2019


    2 years ago I specifically told you the reasons why you would never be unbanned. You have burned your bridges here more times than I care to remember.

    I'm glad you have grown up a bit, but you are still not going to be unbanned. I hope you find happiness on the server you do end up playing on.


  9. 2 months ago
    Mon Apr 15 02:01:12 2019
    Nysic posted in Blueace is a scammer.

    This issue is under investigation.

  10. Sun Apr 14 22:15:30 2019


    No he will not be pardoned in any of his IPs or accounts all new IPs and accounts are automatically banned as well.


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