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    Sun Jan 13 07:41:12 2019
    Nysic posted in OverVex's Ban Appeal.


    Yes you were a bit annoying on the server today despite me telling you what would happen you continued to push the envelope. You'll be pardoned in 1 day from this post but should you repeat your actions upon being unbanned the consequences will be worse.


  2. Wed Jan 9 09:31:43 2019
    Nysic started the conversation Parkour building competition. .


    A few of you might remember a while ago I held a boat building competition for the server. The winners of the competition had their creations placed in spawn and got VIP+ as a prize.

    I've decided to hold a different competition, this one will involve the construction of an entire parkour arena. There is no size limit (within reason no 1k block builds) and points will be awarded for difficulty, creativity and most beautiful levels.

    I'll likely select the top 4 to be used in spawn along with others for the release of our new parkour hub.

    If you are interested in building an arena, place your name and the names of your team mates in this thread. Also please have one person set a home in the arena to Parkour so I can check out its progress.


    1st place - 1/4 Server Bill
    2nd,3rd,4th - VIP+ 1 month.

    Submissions close 9th March 2019.


  3. Wed Jan 9 07:02:50 2019
    Nysic posted in minecraft ban.


    Sorry for the late reply a bug on the forums locked my account temporarily. I will hold you to your promise to play by the rules and I will be watching you and your friends very closely. Any repeat of the other day and it won't end well.

    You will be pardoned in 1 day from this post.


  4. 2 weeks ago
    Sun Jan 6 05:56:16 2019
    Nysic posted in Oeakari's Ban Appeal.


    Since you were the mildest offender of the 3 of you I will grant you some leeway. But if this becomes a regular thing you won't find me so forgiving next time.

    You will be unbanned in 1 day from this post.


  5. Sat Jan 5 12:52:53 2019
    Nysic posted in Ban Appeal for wwhy.


    You and your mates were warned multiple times by multiple staff about chat related offences. For what ever reason you thought it'd be funny to press your luck and see how far you could go.

    You will be pardoned in 3 days from this appeal, because in all honesty I don't think you are sorry at all.


  6. Tue Jan 1 15:20:32 2019


  7. 3 weeks ago
    Sun Dec 30 07:35:40 2018
    Nysic posted in Obryx's Ban Appeal.


    The Admin who banned you is sadly no longer with us, so i'll go ahead and reply. It's sad that your wait times have gone through the roof. But unfortunately this does not negate the fact that you came here, used a modified client and ultimately got banned for doing so.

    We do not pardon hackers, no matter how long ago it was or how sorry they are for their actions.

    Best of luck,


  8. Sat Dec 29 23:40:13 2018
    Nysic posted in Jurania: Apply Here!.

    Perhaps if you followed the rules more you'd be less banned and could actually use your account?

  9. 4 weeks ago
    Mon Dec 17 08:20:51 2018
    CraftyMyner changed Nysic's group to .
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    Wed Oct 3 03:07:01 2018
    Nysic posted in 4 Word Story Thread.

    Mexican restaurant where i

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