Player Report Format

  1. 8 years ago
    Edited 7 years ago by Blackened_Dawn

    To everyone reporting a player, please follow this format.

    Title of the thread: (Reported Player's In Game Name here)

    Reason for reporting the player: (flying, nuking, walking on water, fast sneak, inappropriate skin/name, random tp kill, chat violations, disrespect, etc.)

    Sustainable Proof/Evidence: You need screenshots to support the thread, for chat violations or harassment towards you, please provide the chat logs, found in your minecraft folder; but screenshots are the best proof, same goes to witnesses.

    Only staff can respond to the thread, and the witnesses that can support the player report (with proof) are welcomed to post too.

    Please note that threads with no evidence/proof will not be taken into consideration.

    Thank you.

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