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    Fri Feb 2 20:07:08 2018
    AP0C4L1P53 posted in Word Association.


  2. Fri Feb 2 18:59:39 2018
    AP0C4L1P53 posted in Shadowkmd724's Ban Appeal.


    To be honest with you I suspected that you Xrayed for a while, and always when I was logging in, you logged off (Coincidence?) I dont think so... but anyways, your confession makes things easier for me (and for the community). So at the end my hunch was right (as always).

    Unfortunately for you, X raying is a PERMANENT ban, so appeal DENIED.

    In the name of CraftyMynes! and the whole community, that we try to keep clean from cheaters (like you), we wave you farewell and have good luck on other servers.

    Ps. A Hacker always stays a hacker. Imagine if we pardon all cheaters? we would be babysitting every single one of them (including you)

  3. Fri Feb 2 18:41:12 2018
    AP0C4L1P53 posted in Ban Appeal .


    Please follow the correct ban appeal in the right section. Thank you.

  4. Fri Feb 2 01:34:29 2018
    AP0C4L1P53 posted in Rad1gator's Ban Appeal.


    Thank you for admitting that you cheated on the server. It makes this easier.
    Appeal DENIED
    Have fun elsewhere, but thank you for choosing CraftyMynes!

    PS. Cheaters are "children" who are bored in a "childish" game

  5. Fri Feb 2 01:28:53 2018
    AP0C4L1P53 posted in curiously's ban appeal.


    Youve been pardoned. welcome back

  6. Thu Feb 1 04:54:32 2018
    AP0C4L1P53 posted in the Barony of sknup.

    im witness of all that mighty work. good job m8! keep it up!

  7. Thu Feb 1 04:52:10 2018
    AP0C4L1P53 posted in My new PC build.

    u got the same video card as I do =) cheers

  8. Tue Jan 30 14:44:31 2018
    AP0C4L1P53 posted in Word Association.

    Filet Mignon

  9. Mon Jan 29 23:37:16 2018
    AP0C4L1P53 posted in Word Association.


  10. Mon Jan 22 00:06:38 2018
    AP0C4L1P53 posted in Lost doggie .

    omg @iDogeTwinkie ffs man come back and play! We miss you buddy!

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