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  1. last week
    Thu Dec 7 03:23:49 2017
    AP0C4L1P53 posted in FOR THE ADMINS!.

    told you to let go... now we let you go... be free.

  2. Thu Dec 7 03:17:14 2017
    AP0C4L1P53 posted in Honder's Ban Appeal.

    Agreed. Thanks R4

  3. Wed Dec 6 14:33:03 2017
    AP0C4L1P53 posted in Honder's Ban Appeal.


    I was the Admin you banned you,
    In our little chat over discord I remember clearly saying to forget this ever happened for whatever reason, that being said I would've forgotten about you breaking the rules multiple times (not listening to staff) when I told you in multiple occasions, or if you wanted we could escalate this to the admins. To my surprise (unfortunately for you) you said to bring it up with them, that means we had to take into consideration you broke the rules as stated above.

    After a review with all the admins, we agree you broke the rules and Your ban will last 7 days starting the moment you appealed.

    You are welcomed to come back whenever u want after that & remember to follow the rules.
    If not, we thank you for choosing CraftyMynes! as your favorite server to play during your stay here & farewell.

    PS: BTW I let you speak at the beginning of our conversation on Discord for a long time, I didnt interrupt you as when you finished I asked you clearly: Ok, Are you finish? then i started to speak, you left angry and clearly u dont have any patience whatsoever. I dont have to mention the times u shut me up. This is a game, and a game will stay.

  4. Mon Dec 4 19:05:49 2017
    AP0C4L1P53 posted in Lets talk Map reset and 1.13.


    We've have never announced nor confirmed a reset. Like in the past, if there is one, we will make it public. If not please refrain from spreading rumors, as said before, Staff is the only one making the announce if there is one to make.

    Thank you

  5. 3 weeks ago
    Wed Nov 22 13:05:52 2017
    AP0C4L1P53 posted in Ban Appeal.


    You were banned due to chat violations on 2016/05/28 @ 11:07:39 am (server time). We hope to see you (with good behavior) again and enjoy playing respecting our rules here

    You have been pardoned.

  6. 11 months ago
    Sat Jan 7 14:47:09 2017
    AP0C4L1P53 posted in blackened dawn.


  7. Sat Jan 7 14:35:30 2017
    AP0C4L1P53 posted in cupcakecraze's Ban Appeal.


    Letting us know that you didn't know about not allowed to use X-ray tells us directly that you cheated and Ignorance about the rules does NOT exempt you from breaking them. Rules are here

    Any form of cheating will not be tolerated - This means anything that gives you an unfair advantage over players who are playing the game the way the game was intended to be played.

    Appeal Denied
    Have fun elsewhere

  8. last year
    Sat Aug 27 14:44:43 2016
    AP0C4L1P53 posted in PhoenixisGaming's Ban appeal.


    Admitting your fault makes this easier, so we don't need to wait for the staff to banned you to answer this. The rules here say clearly:

    Any form of cheating will not be tolerated - This means anything that gives you an unfair advantage over players who are playing the game the way the game was intended to be played.

    Flying+getting caught = Jail = Ban

    Admitting flying = bye bye CraftyMynes! have fun else where!

    Appeal DENIED.

  9. Wed Aug 24 00:43:33 2016
    AP0C4L1P53 posted in Floating Sand!.

    Prob a block lag? mined the lower one with the sand on top and it is just "there" XD

  10. Tue Aug 23 22:04:29 2016
    AP0C4L1P53 posted in rockerdot's Ban Appeal.

    @rockerdot (AKA buffaloblastoise)

    I was the Admin who banned you on 11/1/2015 @ 8:34:06 server time, the reason: Chat violations, using f****t direspecting players, you were warned and did NOT care about any warnings I gave you.
    Since it was a "minor" offense and was over a year ago, + you appealed almost a week ago, you have been pardoned.

    We invite you to follow our rules here and behave in the future, as we don't normally babysit previous offenders.

    Welcome back!

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