Ban Appeal For My Son

  1. 11 months ago
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    Hello Staff,

    I am so sorry for what had happened earlier, my son just came up to me and asked me to help him type an essay for his Minecraft game. Anyway He said something about banned and appeal and I have to type this to get him "unbanned" from this server. He told me he broke the rule of cheating using a 3rd party program that lets him see resources or so. I'm not sure how serious his actions are since this is a game and all. But as a parent I would be very much appreciated if you could lift his ban so he can continue playing the game. He's had some severe cases of depression and autism as a child and up to now it's only getting worse. He's only 9 right now and he has far more obstacles to overcome before adulthood, I only fear it will get worse in his Highschool career. I've already had his mental health plan taken care of for future and Minecraft seems to be one of the only few things that gets his mind off negative things.

    I swear to you he is a good boy and would never cause harm, he only does things that benefits the community especially at home. He tries his best to help and I hope you appreciate his honesty when he does it. He only has but good intentions, so please, for my son lift the ban so I can see my child smile everyday I get home from work. It's the only thing that can cure his autism and depression. Anyway if there is a problem please contact me at -redacted email- and we can further discuss this topic if there is any issue.

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    Though we do appreciate the maturity of your appeal, hacking (using a modded client) is a serious offence, one that results in a permanent ban. Using an x-ray mod throws the economy out of balance by putting large amounts illegally and illegitimately earned materials into a player's hands. Doing so decreases the value of said materials, affecting everyone, just as counterfeit money does, even if you never see them. Your son managed to find nearly 400 diamonds, whereas the next player could only find 35 in the same amount of time.

    I do feel for your story, having had similar experiences towards his age, but that does not make him exempt from the rules. Pardoning him and not the other players that have hacked wouldn't be fair to them, or the community that continues to follow the rules.

    Your son will not be pardoned, but i do with him the best of luck in both finding other servers, and in life.

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