1. 11 months ago
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    Hello Community,

    This is Marcus's father. So earlier on June 14th, my son was banned from your game server Minecraft. I'm not too familiar with all this but he has been really down. I was wondering if I could pay for another account that I can monitor and he can come back to your server. Since the ban he faced I believe was on his account. I understand that the ban was because he used a modded client to overthrow the economy. But is the ban on him or his account. Anyway if he can reform this would really help with his emotional problems. If not, it'll be fine, I can find some other way to help him cope with his problem. Are there any suggestions? Maybe I can pay for him VIP status and a new account that I can make sure he doesn't misbehave on.

    Thanks for keeping my son as long as you did,
    -Real name edited out by Dawn-

  2. -conversation continued in pm-

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