Naidae's Staff Application

  1. 11 months ago
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    In Game Name: Naidae

    Age: 26

    Time Zone: Central (CT)


    Conflict resolution! I work in a job where I deal with unhappy realtors all day, so I've gotten quite good at diffusing situations before they get out of hand and resolving conflicts quickly and quietly. Going hand-in-hand with conflict resolution, I tend to stay away from drama. I'm 26, almost 27, I don't need to put myself in the middle of a toxic situation just for fun. I've played on CraftyMynes for close to two years, and I have a fairly good grasp on the rules (and I'm NOT afraid to enforce them).

    I'm almost always available because I work from home, and often times find myself on CM during downtime hours (1-3, sometimes 4 a.m. CT) when there typically isn't any staff on, so I can help with the occasional troublemakers in the wee hours.

    I recently discovered the Discord channel and love it! I'm not afraid to talk in chat and be sociable! Also, I love terraforming, so if asked to help with clearing near spawn, I'd be more than happy to lend a hand :D


    I'm garbage at redstone and understanding the complexities of how a server runs on the back end. Granted, I wouldn't be handling anything related to that anyway, but I thought it was worth noting. If that were to ever come up, I'm more than willing to learn.

    When I'm building something or otherwise occupied I have a tendency to ignore chat. However, I would be sure to keep an eye on chat if I were actually chosen to be a helper.

    Why you are Applying:

    This is my second application, but the reason behind applying is the same. I love playing on CraftyMynes and I want it to be enjoyable for everyone! It's not about having power or being recognized, or anything like that, really. I just honestly feel that I would be beneficial to the staff team, and want to help out. CraftyMynes is an incredible server, and I want to be part of the awesome staff that help to keep it that way!

    Time Played on CraftyMynes (ticks):

    On the current server: 9,535,699
    On the last server: 13,210,167 +
    I also played for a few months on the legacy server, but no idea what my ticks were back then.

    Custom Note (optional):

    Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to read my application! I understand if there is enough staff at this point in time, or if anyone has questions they need answers for before a decision can be made. Just know that I don't plan on going anywhere, anytime soon!


    EDIT: First paragrah, I meant that I am not afraid to enforce the rules, and risk looking like a mean or harsh person just because I'm following protocol. :) Sorry 'bout that!

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