Just another ban appeal

  1. 9 months ago
    Edited 9 months ago by ExoticButterz_

    My in game name: Glazed Terracotta, soon to be FazeTech018
    Reason I was banned: Spam
    Ok, I know I spammed the chat with log in's and log out's. I only did this because I was bored at the time and looking back at the way I acted, my actions were immature and foolish. I haven't played Minecraft in almost 4 months, This may not seem like a long time but it feels almost as if a year's past since I've played. I was looking back into playing it again only to remember that I was banned from one of the only servers I actually played on. Anyways, I completely understand if you're unwilling to unban me from CraftyMynes, I rightly deserve to be permanently banned. I'm only looking for a second (Third?) chance.
    ~Sincerely, your friendly introvert, FazeTech018

  2. Seeing as this ban would have been for 24hrs, and occurred over 3 months ago, i will pardon you

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