Fabulis' Ban Appeal

  1. 9 months ago

    In Game Name: Fabulis

    Reason for your ban: Disobeying / Exploiting the invisibility glitch

    Why should you be unbanned: I had no clue I was invisible, I don't understand how you can hold me accountable for that. Also when I disconnected because of severe lag (people were flying and stuff) and tried to come back I found out I was banned instantly? Don't even know what happened really.

  2. The server chat has been discussing, and telling you what the invisibility glitch was for around a minute before i teleported to you. Upon teleporting to you, i told you to drop the gear, which you refused, and then i told you to drop it again. After that you disconnected from the server.

    On the condition that you give me, or another staff member, the dropped gear from the player you killed while the glitch was active, intentional or not, you are more than welcome back on the server. We do this because when glitched, other players can neither see, nor hit you. Since this gives an extreme advantage to the glitched player, we require players to return items gained through pvp while the glitch was active.

    In the future, please pay mind to staff instructions (Orange, Blue, and Red player names).

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